Food Review: Le Plaisir Patiesseire & Bistro

Good food amidst good company is possible at a quaint patisseire cum bistro called Le Plaisir, located on Bhandarkar Road. Read on to know more about the place and ofcourse, the food…

It’s a place which might attract your attention, if you are in one of those lazy modes and chance upon this small quaint bistro and patisserie on Bhandarkar Road. If you are rushing past that road, you might just miss it as it is small, tucked between rows of shops and boutiques. But this very fact was quite likable of this eatery. I entered this place with friends for a good sit-down and chatting session.
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Appearance counts and here at Le Plaisir, it resonates that feel of a bistro and patisserie straight out of Paris or an European city with a cafe/bistro culture to boast off. The place is quite small, when compared to many such eateries you might have seen around. But it gives a relaxed feel. Plus the crowd we saw were mixed, from the college crowd to working professionals to foreigners and those looking for a quick bite. On one side, you can see the kitchen through the glass with the chefs whipping up a storm and on one end, a counter with desert items on display. Picture postcard perfect!
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What might be the attractive point of any eatery is the food and when it comes this bistro cum patisserie, this small eatery has managed to attract crowds not just because of its quaint interiors but its tempting food as well. We were three hungry people. So the binging started with some good ‘ole Fresh Lemon Ice Tea. We weren’t disappointed as the drink was fresh, very lemony (with a hint of tea) and extremely refreshing. With a hint of fresh mint leaves, the quantity was perfect – not too much and not too little. The price (Rs 50) seemed enough for the quantity served to us. Since we were three, it meant that we got a chance to order three different dishes. So, in came the Roast Chicken Sandwich with Jalapenos and Garlic Mayo (Rs 150), Penne with Mushrooms, Parmesan Sauce, Thyme and Crispy Chicken Pepperoni (Rs 350) and Crepe with Banana and Nutella (Rs 100).

For the price it had, the sandwich with its toasted bread and well-roasted chicken tasted superb with the mayo (with a perfect hint of garlic) and Jalapenos. But beware, if not too fond of spicy food, stay away from this dish, as it might make you rush for water, though spicy food lovers will think otherwise. I personally found the penne pasta well-prepared with the right amount of Parmesan sauce, mushrooms and thyme. The addition of crispy chicken pepperoni (just the right amount) is good thinking. The pasta could be shared among two people, though the price seems too big for it. Rs 250 would have worked for us. We loved the crepe which again could be eaten by two people, if not very hungry. The filling of bananas and Nutella was a good choice and they did not overwhelm the other. Cheer up as we ended our meal with some amazing amazing Chocolate, Mint and Coffee Macaroons. These melt-in-your-mouth pieces were a perfect end to the meal. We found the choices offered a good balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. By the way, new items do keep making appearances on the menu board every weeks and seasonal produce do have a way of being there.
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Though a small place, chances are you might have to wait slightly for the meals, but the reason for it is perfectly acceptable. The staff is small for the moment and the food is served by the cook himself or his partner. The young chef is often seen at each of the table taking to the patrons and talking to them. This special touch does work for us in getting a connection with this eatery.
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french toast-001
French Toast

There are plenty of eateries masquerading as bistro and patisserie in the city but we prefer choosing this over them, for quite a few reasons. The whole ambience reeks of casualness, plus it is a pretty compact place where you will be the centre of attention. The food is up to the mark though the pricing could be an issue for some. But the quality and quantity makes up for the deal. I would not mind going there for the comfort food especially the macaroons to die for.

Where: Le Plaisir, Shop No 4B, Bhandarkar Road, Lane 6 Intersection, Near PYC
Open All days except Monday
Rate: 400-500 & No Alcohol (Meal for 2)
Time: 11.30 AM to 9.30 PM
Contact Details: 7507379238
Facilties: No Parking or Alcohol, Air Conditioned