Decoding the different strokes of Swapnil Joshi

Swapnil Joshi speaks about his new film Govinda, being a chocolate hero and more…

Call him what you may, Swapnil Joshi is one actor who does not mind being labelled. He thrives on it and yet surprises you by choosing some interesting roles. Still known for his portrayal of Lord Krishna, he has been seen in quite a few romantic leads, on television and in movies. Now you can see him in a new avatar as a Govinda in ‘Govinda’. He talk about his now role, acting and more..
How would you describe the character?
My character, Rajan, is a common boy with larger-than-life dreams. He wants to earn money and fame quickly in any way possible. He takes the wrong way. What happens next? Does he succeed? That is what the film is about.
The topic is quite unique. What was your reaction when you heard the story for the first time?
I was won over when I first heard it. For the first time, a film is being made on such a  topic. Dahi Handi is a big thing here. And the film is relevant to the audience.
Did you do any research for it?
I was brought up in a chawl in Mumbai and have lived that life. So I did not have to do any research. I just picked a few episodes from real life. It is a fantastic story and you needed a conviction to play it. But the character is quite unlike me.
Are you tired of this lover boy image which you have developed?
Not at all. That is what the people feel and it is exactly what I like too!

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