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Time Please Love story Lagnanantarchi

Time Please… Lovestory Lagnanantarchi is a feel-good movie if you keep it to that and not dwell too much into the intricacies.. We tell you more..

Director: Sameer Vidhwans
Music: Hrishikesh Kamerkar
Cast: Umesh Kulkarni, Priya Bapat, Siddharth Jadhav, Saee Tamhankar, Vandana Gupte, Seema Deshmukh, Madhav Abhyankar, Milind Phatak
I would not be wrong in saying that the word ‘Time Please’ is a part of our lingo just like lai bhari (often pronounced as laiiiiiiiii bhariiiiiii). Never thought, it could also be related to a Marathi film, that too a love story which takes place after the protagonists marry. The title is intriguing and so is the fact that is based on a recent popular play, Nava Ghadi, Nava Rajya. The second attraction comes with the lead actors – real life husband and wife duo Umesh Kamat and Priya Bapat who have lead roles in the play. Jhakkas! I was in for watching the young romance. I look around and see old ‘young couples sitting with their pattice, chahaa with excited eyes. Okie dokie.. start the film.
time please 1What met my eyes was quite good but falls short of being excellent. The story revolves around an arranged marriage between 30-year-old Hrishikesh Deshpande (Umesh), an IT professional and 24-year-old Amruta Sane (Priya). Like in most cases, their personalities are as different as SRK and KRK (please do not ask me who is which hero. Difference pe dhyan do). Hrishi dwells in being serious and proper. On the other, Amrita is full of life, chatty and hyper person for whom life is all about fun. Hrishi’s composed personality is a foil to Amrita’s somewhat childish outlook. After the initial beautiful togetherness, realities of marriage start hammering in. That’s when the arrival of Himmatrao (Siddharth), Amrita’s friend and Radhika (Saee), Hrishi’s friend and ex, expose their marriage to dangers of suspicions, jealousies and misunderstanding. The rest of film is about whether they come out completely mauled or with little scratches.
So far, so good. Despite the fact that the story is nothing exceptional to talk about from a purely filmy point of view, ‘Time Please’ works on some level. Firstly, the story is kept with the young Marathi cinema-going audience in mind. In the entire film, the adults (read parents and uncles and aunts) make guest appearance. So, the film is relatable. Secondly, the story has traces of going overboard with the issues related to finding love in an arranged marriage, but fortunately, things are under control. Both these points make the film a decent watch, if not great. And yet, you feel that this topic has been dealt with before. The topic is nothing new to offer. In parts, it appears cliched too, like the ex-girlfriend making a move. It is so obvious and typical!
But the film works, thanks to director, Sameer Vidwans who keeps the young and fresh layer of the film intact. Yes, he has used cliches but they will hit only if you let it. From the audiences point of view, the film gives you moments to smile, cry and empathise with the characters. He, along with writer Kshitij Patwardhan, give you a somewhat believable story. And the actors give their 100 per cent to the makers. Umesh comes out as the level-headed yet jealous Hrishi while Priya is Amrita, an innocent and naive girl whose views of relationship are somewhat faulty. But the two people who bowl you over are Siddharth as the completely bindaas Himmatrao, a scientist doing research over butterflies. An Oxford educated guy, Himmatrao is still the son-of-the-soil who does what he wants and says exactly what he means to. Every time comes on the screen, you feel like saying ‘Phata Poster Nikla Hero‘. Saee as the ex pulls in a restraint act who can be called the female version of Himmatrao (but in control). Rest of the cast are perfectly picked. Watch out for Vandana Gupte as Hrishi’s out-spoken aunt. She is funny especially in the scene where she tells Amrita about being offered a role in a Emraan Hashmi film. Milind Phatak as Hrishi’s hyperactive boss is class apart.
One should be thankful for the makers of this movie, as the songs are kept to a minimum and used where needed. All songs by Hrishikesh Kamerkar, keep the young audience in mind and are hummable. One song needs special mention – the first ever male item song pictured on Siddharth called – The Butterfly Man. Do watch and hear this song on loop. Technically, the film is just okay.
Time Please… Lovestory Lagnanantarchi has the right kind of fluff to keep you hooked for two hours. You might come out with a smile, but there is always the danger of dismissing it, if you think too much about it. Take the positives and leave behind the odd points with the empty cans of Diet Colas and popcorn tubs.

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