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On Sunday, The Dalai Lama and Aamir Khan visited Pune for an event organised by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. We tell you more about the same..

His Highness The Dalai Lama was welcomed by the trustees and schools’ principals of Sadhu Vaswani Mission upon arrival. He first proceeded to pay homage at the Sacred Samadhi of Sadhu Vaswani.  He was apprised of The Moment of Calm – the global forgiveness moment on August 2 at 2pm. He said that although he would be in retreat, he would practice the Moment of Calm at that moment on August 2 at 2pm.
The program started with chants of mantras followed by the Satyameva Jayate dance. At the end of the dance, the curtain opened with the three stars on seated on the stage – HH Dalai Lama, Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani and Aamir Khan.  Aamir Khan greeted every one and introduced HH the Dalai Lama and Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani. The talk show began with an interactive session with Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani followed by a session with HH Dalai Lama.
Roshni_1Rev. Dada spoke about the three types of love –
Dada spoke of three types of love–
1) Eros — physical or worldly love, where the key word is ‘if’, implying conditional love.
2) Philos–love on the mental plane, where the key word is ‘because’, a reason to love.
3) Agape– the last type being true unconditional love. The master word of this love is ‘in spite’. It says in spite of what you do to me, I will continue to love you.  This type of love is the highest thing one can have.
In the interactive session Rev. Dada spoke about a lesson he learnt from a holy man, “Be a lion not a dog. If you throw a bone at a dog, the dog will run after the bone. If you shoot a bullet at a lion, the lion will chase the hand that shot the bullet.  Similarly, we should not think about the incidents, we must go behind the source. Do not think of what has happened, remember the source. And the source is God.
HH The Dalai Lama said that happiness comes from love and affection. He spoke on secular ethics, that it was indeed the solution for peace in the world.  He said that compassion and affection are human values independent of religion. “I consider myself a human first, as one amongst the 7 billion human beings, he said.”
Later Aamir concluded by recalling what a very simple villager had said to him “Happiness is the only thing you get when you give”.
The Book Name “Many Scriptures: One Wisdom” was launched by HH Dalai Lama.
A Souvenir entitled “Simply Love” – the theme of Rev. Dada’s birthday occasion was launched by Aamir Khan.
A Sadhu Vaswani Mission mobile App for Android phones was launched by Rev. Dada. The mobile app gives instant updates of Sadhu Vaswani Mission and Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani, all on one easy-to-use interface on Android mobile phones.
Said Mr. Ashwin Ajmera, Director, Ajmera Group of Companies, “A lovely morning and opportunity of being with such great spiritual leaders who spread their light of love and compassion! We are truly blessed!”