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Movie Review: Fukrey

We review the movie to help you decide whether its something to watch out for or one that can be given a miss..

Director: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
Producer: Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani
Screenplay: Vipul Vig, Mrighdeep Singh Lamba
Story by: Vipul Vig
Music Director: Ram Sampath
Cinematography: K.U. Monahan
Editing: Anand Subaya
Studio: Excel Entertainment
Pulkit Samrat,Varun Sharma
Ali Faizal (Remember Joy from 3 idiots who commits suicide)
Manjot Singh (he’s the cute sardar from Oye Lucky Oye)
Richa Chaddha & Pankaj Tripathi (Two magnificent actors from Gangs of Wasseypur)
Vishakha Singh
Priya Anand (Also seen in English Vinglish)
Mrigdeep Singh Lamba, returning as a director after a messed up Teen Thay Bhai (yes, believe it or not there was such a movie), gives us a “Dilliwala” film this time and sets out looking for humour in a college campus. A good aggregation of humour, acting and the Dilliwala feel makes you laugh throughout the movie. Fukrey is a complete laugh riot but could have been better if the screenplay revealed more imagination. The cast has shown a splendid performance except for Ali Faizal and Priya Anand. Ali Faizal is a handsome guy but not a great actor while Priya Anand is hot but not great in what she does (hoping she intends to act).
Two good-for-nothing school goers Hunny (Pulkit Samrat) and Chucha (Varun Sharma) are two youngsters who want admission in the coolest college in Delhi after XII. They, however, have no enthusiasm for studying and hit a hat-trick by failing consecutively in class XII. Loitering around streets of the city, day dreaming, bird watching is the only interest they have in life. They even have wild fantasies about riding to this cool college on horseback (Total welhe). Chucha has these weird lottery winning dreams and his over confident buddy Hunny thinks its a good idea to earn easy money. Lali (Manjot singh), an innocent clean hearted Sardar studying Commerce via correspondence course is yearning to migrate to his girlfriends college (the same college which the duo want admission in). He is the son of a Halwai, who watches his girl attending the cool college, getting fascinated by greasy guys in big cars. Zafar (Faizal Ali) an artist with a flair of music is struggling with his career in music. He is frustrated with his life and plays his guitar in the same college which the three youngsters are eyeing because his ex-girlfriend (Vishakha Singh) teaches there. The urge for money brings all four “Fukras” together to Panditji (Pankaj Tripathi) the energetic watchman of the college, who helps them get admission in the cool college. He adds spice to the movie with his marvellous performance, and the use of English words in his UP accent, which makes you laugh out loud. Panditji in turn brings them to Bholi Punjabun (Richa Chaddha), the affluent “Goondi” in the town. Richa gives this unusual a character a special twist. Bholi Punjaban’s arrival actually gives a punch to the movie, which gains momentum with her cheesy and enchanting character. Her scenes with the candid Chucha are among the finest funniest moments in the film. A laughter riot takes place when this group comes together for winning easy money, also dragging in Neetu (Vishakha Singh) Zafar’s ex girlfriend and Priya (Priya Anand) Hunny’s girlfriend. The twist starts when all four fukras come together along with Bholi Punjaban.
Ali Faizal, Manjot Singh, Richa Chaddaha and Pankaj Tripathi are familiar faces, who’ve acted in one or two films. Pulkit Samrat comes across as the most dauntless but fails to stand out compared to debutant Varun Sharma who impresses with his flawless hilarious acting. When it comes to acting, the entire cast has played a good role in the film. Priya Anand, the beautiful woman in the film, has not been able to stand out in her acting. Manjot Singh was my favourite character in the movie who plays a cute, innocent, sardar. Mrigdeep Singh Lamba has succeeded with his bang-on comedy after a big flop. He has moulded every character the way it should be with funniest moments in the film.
If you’re wondering about the title, Fukrey is a popular term used in Delhi for street-smart good-for-nothing-youngsters, also known as “Velley”. It is definitely a must watch. Just stroll in and you will come out laughing!

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