Maa ki "aankh"!!

Need I say more?

You know how sometimes you experience one of those mind-numbingly dull days? You’re surfing the internet, browsing through Facebook or Twitter and what do you see? This one video that’s about to make your day. Whether you find it positively hilarious or ridiculously annoying, you just cannot get enough of it. Your day has just taken an unexpected turn. You start to ‘Like’, ‘Comment’, ‘Tweet’ and ‘Share’, while ‘Whatsapping’ friends, telling them to drop everything and click on the link. It’ll create cramps-in-the-stomach kind of laughter or simply a straight-faced ‘OMG, What’s wrong with him/her?’ reaction.
No matter what your reaction, the point is, a tacky music video has changed your day. You laugh, you criticise, you curse, but you watch. And you watch again and you judge. The clip you’ve just seen will pop up in your head at least once everyday for the next few days. So whom does the credit go to? It’s the Taher Shahs, Rakhi Sawants and Sherawats of the entertainment industry. Entertainment in its purest form. Quick and hard-hitting.
Let’s take Taher Shah’s ‘Eye to Eye’ as an example. I bow down to him. I really do! The man has given us so much! I sincerely request him to come up with the song’s sequel. And quick. I read somewhere that it took him 15 years to write the lyrics of this one (Doesn’t ring true but WHOA!). The English version (I THINK he’s singing in English) went viral overnight and we all understand why.
The video begins with him eerily walking towards a blingy stage while paparazzi (who, looks like are made to stand there on gunpoint) are flashing away. He turns towards the camera and that’s the first time you notice that you’re looking at a scarier version of Simi Garewal. Observe the way he starts by blinking his ‘spaktrum’ eyes. Like in the movies, when a doctor operates on the eyes of a blind person, gradually takes off the bandage after a few days and the now not-so-blind person slowly opens them and blinks a couple of times. Also notice how Shah looks directly at you with a straight face and then breaks into a creepy smile (He’ll do this throughout the video). We even get to see his clone singing with him (as if one of him wasn’t enough). Sometimes the camera goes so close to his face, you can almost see his pores (cringe).
Coming to the lyrics, well, he talks about eyes. His eyes, my eyes, your eyes. I’m surprised he left out the pope’s eyes. Umm, that’s pretty much it. Ok, throw in some adjectives. Colourful eyes, Fabluss eyes, excellent human eyes (up until then I assumed he was referring to cows), sensual sensational eyes, and so on.
I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Maybe not for the right reasons but I did. I think it’s a killer (A pun? Go figure). The man has become famous, right? He gave you a video that kept your eyes (OMG eyes again) glued to the screen, yes? It comes under the ‘overnight sensation’ category, right? And you’re not going to forget about it for a while. His name is etched in the list of the world’s most ‘………’ artists (you fill in the blank).
BTW, he’s available for concerts.

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