Keeping it short

Asmita Chitra Academy launches two new short term courses for people who want to enter the glamour world

Asmita Chitra Academy has been in the business of training glam world aspirants since 2004. Now, the academy has announced its expansion plan with two new training programmes for a shorter period. The news was announced at a press conference by actress-producer Smita Talwalkar, founder of the academy. The Academy has been functioning in Mumbai since the start, while in Pune, it has been operational at Sinhagad Springdale School, Karve Road and Pawar Public School, Amanora Township Hadapsar for the past six years. Now they plan to start with a 3 month and 6 month course, apart from their regular 1 year course.
Explaining more about the course and academy, Smita Tai as she is popularly known as, revealed, “I have been working in this industry since ’72 and I have noticed that those coming to us for work turn out to be quite raw in experience. Later, they do become better. We just have to fine-tune their talent. I realised that one has to start training them very young. If you start early, the kids will do well later in their lives. But it is not the typical training that is provided. Unlike the typical workshops everywhere, we give them a technical side too along with acting, music, dance, camera work, etc. If they get used to the technical side of the profession, they understand the nuances of the glam world better and this helps them become better actors. We have come out with an experimental syllabus.”
IMG_0821As mentioned, the newly added course is for 3 months and 6 months. Though the course has its main focus on kids below 15, adults too can apply for the same. While the 3 month will have basic training in drama, short films and presentation, the 6 months will be more advanced than the previous ones. There will be three batches with not more than 50 in each batch. “Many come to us with starry eyes, but do not take efforts to work towards it. You need patience to deal with the tough things in the industry. We tell parents that if the child has talent, it will come out and shine,” said Smita Tai.
Smita Tai also expressed her disappointment at the fact that today’s actors have egos which cannot handle insults. They are also very much aloof, which keeps them away from getting involved in the shoot completely. They are least interested in how the work goes on the sets. “During our times, we were punished for mistakes but we learned a lot. Even when our scenes were not there, we would ask questions about things regarding the shoot. We would also come for the shows of our play an hour early for practice and be comfortable in the space. Today, they call up while on their way to the theatre and advice to ring the first bell.”
Pics: Sapna Sarfare