In conversation with Raj Purohit

Director Raj Purohit feels that his film Sixteen is a family film, despite being based on the teens in urban India. He talks to us about teenage, movies and more..

The age sixteen is quite a phase in our lives, we’re neither kids nor adults, with loads of issues to deal with. Encompassing that and lots more is the newly released film Sixteen, by Raj Purohit. The teen flick focuses on not just what goes around the present age teens in urban India, but also those associated with the kids. The director speaks to The Punekar of his own take on this interesting topic.
Is the movie exactly what its title denotes?
The film is not just about the age and its issues but focuses on the society on a whole too. None of the topics are shown in isolation. The film is about the perspective of the teens and issues they face. It talks about how they feel about the society and vice-versa.
228What made you want to direct such a film?
When I was making a serial for television, I interacted with a lot of teenagers and came to understand their mind and nature. Somehow, I realised that I should make a film on them.
The shooting experience must have been crazy, considering it is based on teens.
It was quite fun indeed. All of them were good actors and daily something or the other used to happen on the sets. Since the film was not just about the teens, the atmosphere was different. But it is difficult to talk about one experience.
From the promos, the film appears to be for a niche audience, that is, for the multiplex crowd.
Actually, the film is targeted to all. Today, the teens specially in the urban areas have myriad issues and things. But things are affecting not just them but also their parents. It is a must watch for the entire family. The parents can find out what their kids are doing or going through. What we (the parents) provide to the kids, they will behave accordingly. The film is a complete entertainer.
Considering your film has been released with Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, were you not scared of being overshadowed?
More than us, they are worried, as they have most of the shows and have to recover the money. They capture all shows and have three days to get that money. For us, we prefer more of the word-of-mouth publicity which might bring in the crowd.
Pic 3What kind of response have you received?
It’s been good. The ratings by critics like Taran Adarsh have been good. Many have found it a relevant and entertaining film which suits all.
In a few words, tell us why we should watch the film.
Everybody would enjoy it and feel like it is about them. You can relate to the things. The film speaks their language.