Movie Review

Ghanchakkar or "Ghaan"chakkar?

The writer goes all poetic while writing her review for Ghanchakkar. An after-effect of the movie or just some creative frustration? Find out..

Direction: Rajkumar Gupta
Screenplay: Parveez Shaikh & Rajkumar Gupta
Actors: Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajesh Sharma, Namit Das
Music: Amit Trivedi
This film, with its unusual storyline, could have been an absolute hoot,
Alas, it ends up giving one a throbbing headache, oh so acute.
The story idea is brilliant and rare,
But it seems like the writer and director don’t give a care.
Surprisingly, Emraan Hashmi (Sanjay/Sanju) gives us a brilliant act,
As the ‘Ghanchakkar’, he’s natural, believable, almost perfect in fact.
Sadly, Vidya Balan (Neetu), the loud, fake ‘punjaban’, is just about bearable,
She depicts a horny cow, in clothes that can be worn only by the unstable.
Rajesh Sharma (Pandit) and Namit Das (Idris) could give you death by boredom,
Both have tried hard to make you chuckle but, you just end up feeling plain numb.
Sanju is an expert ‘safe cracker’ who’s decided to retire,
He gets a call from Pandit and Idris; 10 crores from a simple heist he can acquire.
A hilarious, ten-minute scene follows, the only hilarious scene of the movie,
The three break into a bank, steal the loot successfully and flee.
In a bid to lie low, it’s decided, that Sanju will keep all the booty for 90 days,
Post which, they will divide the dough and go their separate ways.
Three months pass and Sanju receives the dough-division call,
The plot takes one of its few interesting twists, when Sanju gives them a curveball.
He claims some kind of rare, doctor-certified loss of memory,
Says he doesn’t remember the people, the loot or the robbery.
The audience is now ready for a merry ride which, sorry to say, never comes,
The initially promising film will now only give you twiddling thumbs.
Pandit and Idris decide to give him a week to come up with the cash,
They move into his home for some added pressure on him to find the stash.
I’ll give the film this, it keeps the audience idly guessing,
When Sanju and Neetu both suspect ‘with me the other is messing’.
Some scenes may bring on your face the slightest smile,
But most will make you want to run down the hall isle.
The writer smartly keeps the money secret till the end,
The revelation of which, I must admit, gave me an ‘Oh!’ moment.
The chemistry between Sanju and Neetu is commendable,
Unfortunately, that’s all the film has to put on the table.
Pandit and Idris fail to come across as funny,
All in all, the flick is a complete waste of my money.
Go ahead, be courageous and watch it at your own risk,
Even better, keep it for later and store it in your hard disk.