From Tasty khana to expansion and more

With an investment of 5 million dollars from Deliveryhero, Tastykhana plans to be bigger than before. Shachin Bharadwaj, Founder-CEO, narrates the experience of growth

Eating food outside is a norm in Pune, but not always possible. That’s where Tastykhana comes into picture. This online food ordering service has become a leader in their field. A small start in Pune, Tastykhana is now in seven cities. It has become popular amongst the masses due to convenience in ordering, swift and safe payment and most importantly a wide variety of restaurant menu options. With expansion, the news which makes the portal important is the 5 million dollar strategic investment made by online food ordering and take out service leader ‘Deliveryhero’. The Punekar chats with Shachin Bharadwaj – Founder and CEO of Tastykhana about this deal and how they plan to go ahead.

Before we speak about the deal, please tell us briefly about how Tastykhana started and its growth ever since.

The whole thing began with an idea in 2007. Why not put the menu online? Our problem was logistics. The restaurants figured out the logistics while we had the website to give them the orders. In a way, we are a platform for the restaurants. We slowly worked things out and within three years time, we were on the one crore level. But we realised that all things are good on small level so we wanted to move forward on a larger scale. The thing is people want an easy ordering experience. By 2011, 40 percent of the orders were online. That’s how we grew.

How did the investment from Deliveryhero come in?

We were seeing some of the global players for business modules and thought we should go to other cities. That’s when the investments via Deliveryhero came in. They had contacted us, as they were looking at India as one of the places for growth. Luckily, we could use the fund provided to spread to seven cities. They had realised that India is a big market.

One might feel you have become part of the bigger company.

Nothing like that. It is pure investment. But, we don’t know about things in future.

What more has been planned between Tastykhana and Deliveryhero in terms of expansion?

We expect better product and experience in online ordering. It is all about making things easy. The experience has to be better than ordering over phone. We also want newer customers. People are still scared  to order online. Trust is an important factor here. Our challenge is to make better coverage in India. We have the experience. Now we want to make sure that we have even better coverage throughout India than before. Giving better restaurant fulfillment via service is our biggest challenge. Assurance building is the key. This needs to be developed.

With expansion, how are you planning to work things out & handling more workload?

We are doing that by adding the right people. Initially, we would handle all the things by ourselves, in a small group. Now, we are developing key teams for it. Also, our key focus is on developing a tech team as technology plays a key part in our work. We have dedicated resources for it. Initially, we did not realise the scale of technology, but the realisation came slowly. For example, we went in developing an App for Tastykhana. Now we see lot of movement towards our Apps. It is the future. Last December, we launched our basic App and the response has been good. It has made the ordering experience better. We are also closely following global players for their business plan. Also, we are now going into eighth city – Ghaziabad.