Food Review: Prem's

Looking for a place that serves good food and more? Prem’s might just be the place you’re looking for.. We tell you more about it..

It’s not enough that the city has eateries to feed its ever hungry denizens. These eateries should have good food to satisfy the city’s soul too. While Prem’s in Koregaon Park has been there for a while, although it has been reinventing itself, it retains its old charm. It has a mix of Indian, Chinese and Continental, with their sizzlers creating a major buzz. For those who like to have drinks with their food after a hard day’s work, the restaurant seems to offer them that.
[divider ]Ambience[/divider]
Prem's Review Ambience
Situated at North Main Road, Koregaon Park, you kind of go into a relaxed zone the moment you enter. One can see is people from all age groups and various backgrounds. Half the battle is won, thanks to the enormous setting with enough space between each table. On one side, you see an open bar serving your favourite poison. It’s quite casual, but at times, it might give you a feel of being at a gala event. The place, nevertheless, is still quite easy-going. I felt quite relaxed. Mercifully, the music wasn’t too loud and I could carry out a conversation and gossip around with my bestie without any hassles.
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Apple pie Prem's ReviewBeing extremely hungry, I devoured the first course which was an assorted pick of starters. The Prawns Koliwada which arrived first (a star food item, apparently) managed to tempt us to think more about what to order. The prawns were fresh and succulent while the coating was spicy enough to salivate you for more. I tried ordering dishes from most of the cuisines that were served. While the assorted veg starters were done well with Paneer Tikka, Mushrooms Nazakat, Meethi Corn Tikki and Cauliflower in various coatings, I wished I could have stuck to the first three which were well done. The cauliflower starter here was just too dry and uninteresting. The main course was with two of their star dishes Chicken Straganoff with Rice and Butter Chicken with Naan. The butter chicken left a good but a little too-sweet-for-my-taste impression, while the Straganoff with the rice turned out to be one smashing dish! Quite creamy and yet not heavy on one’s palate, the chicken pieces were quite well done. I finished the meal with a Chocolate Brownie and Apple Pie, both with Vanilla Ice-Cream. While the Brownie was gooey (and delicious), the Apple Pie went well by itself and not with the ice cream. It was a tough choice to choose the dishes, as the menu card was decent.
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Image_Prem's 1Considering the size of the restaurant, the large number of tables and popularity, the service seemed quick and pretty efficient. Most of the time, I did not have to wait for the food. Unlike many other places, I was saved from a hovering waiter who wants to know everything about your eating experience at the restaurant, right from whether you have burped to knowing if you’re full yet. Amusingly, the waiters did come once in a while to ask if I liked the food. We replied in affirmation.
[divider ]Verdict[/divider]
Chances are, you will find this restaurant one of the few easy-going restaurants in the Koregaon Park area which unfortunately, has received the tag of being the place for just the affluent sorts. The cuisines Prem’s offers may not be different but manage to provide a good variety in the known section. Most of the food items are reasonably priced. The only issue to solve is the lack of parking space here. It is literally a fight. Plus late nights at Prem’s mean fight for rickshaw, if travelling without any vehicle. Overall, I wouldn’t mind coming here to have some decent chow rather than some freakishly high-end place with exorbitant price and trashy food.

Address: 28/2, SBI Training Centre, North Main Road, Koregaon Park
Time: 9 am to 11:30 pm
Rate: Approx. Rs 1000 for 2
Contact Details: 020-26150081, 020-26150082