Food Review: 11 east street

The Punekar talks about the iconic 11 East Street Cafe.. Too late, but better late than never!

A Brit charm, 11 East Street Cafe has a unique decor. The double Decker bus is quite a souvenir from London, along with the red telephone booth. Dressed as street cafe, 11 East Street Cafe is sure winner when it come love at first sight.

Ambiance & (Things to look at, when not into conversation)

11ESC_table_18_angle_towards_entranceIt is a Brit street setup in one of the most buzzing spot in Pune. 11 East Street Cafe is quite simple and perky in its own way. You are welcomed with Karaoke which is the specialty in itself and an earthy decor. As soon as you enter you feel that you are on the streets of London with jolly good faces and the aroma of the spices. If you’re not into conversations (With Capital K) then you have Karaoke.

Food and Drinks (Bread & Beer)

In food they cater to an International palate. Their menu includes from a meal to starters and snacks comprising rolls, sandwiches and vegan or non vegetarian platters, kebabs and more. The Felafel Roll and Grilled Chicken Sandwiches are sumptuous and super delectable. To complement the food, there are a unanimous choice of drinks, with the all-time favourite beer that you can guzzle via pitcher, bottle or a glass. Or else choose any of their special drinks. I would suggest Long Island, which definitely takes you on a long trip of exotic island.

Services (Your personalized butler)

11_ESC_fountain_centre_verticalThis a place that has quite swift service but, I wouldn’t complain if there is a slight delay. I mean it’s not a quick snack centre or nor even a Wada Pav Cartel, that delivers in fraction of second with exact change. I go there to unwind and not to wind up in a hurry. For me, their service is excellent and quite a care taker.

Verdict (The Final Word)

This is a place that, I feel is apt for to end your 5 Day working week and welcoming the weekend in full swing. (Unlike me, for I sometimes work 6 days a week 🙁 Grim Face) Overall, I love this place because of the “K’ (Karaoke) factor and good sumptuous portions of food in awesome company of drinks and loved ones. This is one of the most iconic places in the city, and can be one of your frequent hangout spots or a special place to unwind once-in-a-while!

Where: 11 East Street Cafe, 11 East Street, Camp, Pune-01
Timings: 11:45am to 12:30am
Contact: 9960617811,
Facilities: Indoor AC, Car Park, Alcohol served