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We're 5! Thank you!

We are 5! And we have you to thank for it. Among others! Celebration time!

In the internet world, 5 years is a long time. Most sites that start off don’t even make it to a year. So you can imagine how chuffed we are that we did make it to 5! And what’s better, we’re only just getting started!
Astute as you are (goes with being a Punekar), you must have noticed that we recently upgraded the site to offer you many more features. You can actually now find stuff on this site! There are categories that mean something. Yes, we’ve evolved. But we’re not losing any of our innate Punekar traits! आई शप्पथ!
So what’s happened since we last celebrated? In Pune, quite a lot. And we’ve chronicled all of it. Well, the important stuff, anyways! We won’t go into a long drawn birthday speech. छे छे! But we’ll share with out some of our best stuff from the last 12 months. And in return, you tell us what you liked best.
We’ll also make a solemn promise that we will continue to improve. And the next few months are going to be one helluva ride for all Punekar readers. Watch out!
Now we know how much you love us. So don’t hold back on the wishes and gifts (cash only!).
We can’t sign-off before mentioning some of the superstars that work on the Punekar. A big shout out to the current team: Vedvrat Shikarpur (he of the Kothrudkar origins!), Sapna Sarfare (she does watch a lot of movies, no?), Veethi Telang, Apeksha Bhagchandani, Amit Singh, Namrata Jadhav and all the writers who contribute (or have contributed) to the site. Special mention to our tech and support teams — Mangesh, Shampa, Banti, Prasanta, Kajal, Devendra and Rekha.
Right then, here it is:

The Punekar’s Top entries of 2012-13

  1. Mumbaikar versus Punekar: A recent article, but it’s top of the charts!
  2. Missal Pav Destinations in Pune: आधी पोटोबा, नाही?
  3. To be a Kothrudite: Of course, one of our best!
  4. Weekend Getaways around Pune: सुट्टी! Although an old article, you guys are always looking for weekends away, no?
  5. Being a Puneite
  6. Sadashiv Peth

And there are many more gems… we urge you to discover them. Use the search at the top or just to trigger happy (click!).
So, in true Punekar fashion, we will soon be celebrating our anniversary. There shall be misal, wada and maybe even chai. Who knows when this will happen, though. If you plan something, however, do call us. If not, we’ll let you know once it’s done. Just for proof!