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Toyshare Toy Library

Toyshare is just like any regular library, where you can rent toys, puzzles, books, cds every week, at your convenience from home. Read more to know about the wonderful concept of sharing toys..

“Quality play is not a luxury but a necessity in the lives of young children” (Zeece & Graul, 1990)
As a thoughtful parent we always want to provide our children with the best. Kids love toys and they want all the toys they see and we end up filling up already bulging toy boxes!
But have you wondered why kids love toys? It stimulates all their senses! They are reasoning & learning, thereby activating numerous brain nerve cells!
TS_1Children are born ready, able and eager to learn. They often have a favourite toy for a short span and then move on to another toy. This is because the child has learnt whatever he could from that toy and there is nothing more to be explored! Would you play with something that is not challenging?
The market is full of fun, educational, good quality toys. At the same time these toys are expensive and take a lot of space but we also know they an integral part of a child’s learning and development.   Can we stop giving them something they gain so much from?
We realised a “Toy Library” is a perfect solution to this. More toys, no storage, choosing made easy, wide variety, usage of bulky toys on a need basis was the perfect solution  for kids & parents. Besides you save money, time, space & environment!
We are three moms who left their professional jobs & got together to start TOYSHARE. It is based on our experiences with our children and with a view to make both learning & parenting FUN!
At Toyshare, we endeavour to provide opportunities and environment to help parents nurture their child’s intelligences for their all-round development.TS_2
Our key feature is we have categorised toys based on Dr Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, so that each child has the opportunity to learn in ways harmonious with their unique minds.  We do the toy research for you & make your choice easier!
We have over 1000 branded items and are the first ONLINE Toy Library in Pune with free home delivery to almost all areas in Pune. Being online, we are on 24/7, making it easier especially for working parents.
We are proud to receive PIONEER award 2013 for the “most innovative business” in e-commerce.
Just like any book library, you can rent toys, puzzles, books, cds every week, at your convenience from home. We have various “value for money” regular plans starting from 500/month, catering to various needs and occasions. We provide toys for birthday parties, playdates & also for kids coming on vacation for a short while. We also rent “growing up” items like prams, car seats.  You can gift voucher for birthdays too!
Joining the library is very convenient.  Within minutes you can register, rent online and viola you have cleaned & sanitized toys delivered at your home!
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