Movie Review

Movie Review: Zapatlela 2 3D

Direction & Story: Mahesh Kothare
Screenplay: Mahesh Kothare & Ashok Patole
Actors: Adinath Kothare, Sonalee, Saee Tamhankar, Makarand Anaspure, Deepak Shirke, Vijay Patwardhan, Vishaka Subhedar, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Madhu Kambikar, Mahesh Kothare
Music: Avdhoot Gupte
Sequels are never easy thing to make. You either have to be Salman Khan to sell it or you have to be mighty good at your work. Zapatlela (1993) managed to truly scare the wits out of most movie-goers and still does. Mahesh ‘dammit’ Kothare brings us the sequel after 20 years. And well, from what we saw and survived, chances are you catch the bus only after several attempts.
This first Marathi film in 3D revolves around Tatya Vinchu being brought back to life and wants to enter a human body to create more menace. The only way to do that is either transfer his soul into arch-enemy Lakshya’s body or his ward. Tatya goes to Shrirangpur for Lakshya’s son Aditya (Adinath Kothare), who wants to learn ventriloquism from Makarand Vatvate (Makarand Anaspure), a known ventriloquist (puppeteer). Meanwhile, apart from creating nuisance in the village jatra, Aditya also falls in love with a tamasha artist Megha (Sonalee). Will Tatya manage to get into Aditya’s body? See the film to get your answers.
The question that first comes to your mind is whether you like the movie or want to curse it. The answer is not so simple. There are too many hindrances to make you truly appreciate the film. Firstly, the film’s pace is stretched. Some scenes like Aditya’s initial run-in with Deepak Shirke’s character could have been kept in control. The romantic track between Aditya and Megha or between Makarand and journalist Gauri (Saee Tamhankar), who has come to cover the Jatra does not make any sense. Romantic tracks work only when it is a part of the film. You also wonder why actors like Sonalee, Saee, Sunil Tawde are even in the film. A friend aptly pointed out at least two glaring issues, one of which is how Tatya knew Lakshya has a son. Also, are people dumb or blind that they just cannot notice a puppet walking around on the streets in broad daylight? As a viewer, you like the film in parts.
Despite the flaws, it is a decent one time watch. Apart from the nostalgia value, it is commendable to see good use of the 3D special effects. Kothare has managed to include the effect in the story narration. Tatya Vinchu still scares you. Yippee! The humorous moments dispersed throughout the film are good enough. Makarand Anaspure and Vijay Patwardhan carry the film well on their shoulders. Avdhoot Gupte’s music can be called hummable, though you wonder if it was really needed. To be fair, you cannot blame the actors for seeming to try too hard, due to lack substance in a script. It is good to hear Mahesh Jadhav (inspector in the first film and now commissioner) say ‘dammit’ every time he is seen on the screen.
After trying to be saint and not running down the film totally, the question remains – was it a good film? No idea, except that it might be worth a watch just once for being a wholesome entertainment. Psst… chances of the third installment have been shown at the end. We should just wait and watch for signs.
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