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Movie Review: Man of Steel (Yawn!)

Following such epics as The Dark Knight and even The Dark Knight Rises, one expects nothing less than awesomeness from Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300). Unfortunately, in Man of Steel, that doesn’t happen.

Following such epics as The Dark Knight and even The Dark Knight Rises, one expects nothing less than awesomeness from Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300). Unfortunately, in Man of Steel, that doesn’t happen.
[divider ]The Good[/divider]
There’s a lot going for this movie. For instance, Henry Cavill is a talented actor and does justice to his role as the brooding superhero. It’s also great to see the backstory finally being told. Kevin Costner as the adopted father and Russel Crowe as the real father (Jor-El) are both good (as you would expect). What is also impressive is the scale of the canvas. Nothing is taboo; nothing impossible. Imagine and it shall be delivered.
The story starts of slowly but that’s understandable. It’s told in flashbacks and as we come up to speed with where Clark Kent stands in life at that moment, it feels fulfilling. You finally know Superman (although he isn’t referred to as such until much later) and why he’s reticent and broods so much!
Sadly, that’s all the good there is.
[divider ]The Bad[/divider]
Amy Adams as Lois Lane is boisterous and irritating to say the least. Yes, she shows restraint in not ‘outing’ Clark’s secret when she does know it, but overall she is very irritating. Patronising and typically over-the-top in most cases. Also wasted in his role as the Editor of Daily Planet is Laurence Fishburne. He must have owed Zack Snyder big to agree to do a role as miniscule and meaningless as this one!
While most actors are competent in their role (including General Zod), there is something ‘off’ about the casting.
[divider ]The Woeful[/divider]

Lois Lane
Can’t we stop this meaningless fighting? Please?

The good and the bad are expected. But the woeful is really where this movie lost me as a viewer. Believe it, I actually took a 5-minute nap towards the end. And no, I didn’t miss a thing! I’m just going to put some points down that I think need answers. From the makers of the film and not so much the “Superman universe”.

  • If all Kryptonians are unbeatable and indestructible, why waste about 30 minutes of the film showing everyone beating up each other? On the one hand, they are supposed to be a far more evolved race and yet, they continue to fight like this? Knowing it’s endless?
  • What’s with the jingoism of the US Army? Ok Superman landed in your country (what are the odds of that, anyway?) and now the world (or as the Americans know it, USA) is under threat. In their worst form, reminiscent of films like Independence Day, there are shots of global locations and people trying to make it and whatnot. What a bore.
  • True to form, the US Army starts blasting everything they have at the attacking Kryptonians. Doesn’t work once, doesn’t work twice, doesn’t work 10 times. The firing continues, unabated, though.
  • Where is Superman’s Kryptonite? Rather, what is it? The environment in the space ship? The Kryptonians are amazingly adaptable so that can’t be it. Was there a reference to this when I slept off?
  • 3D. Why?
  • Yes, this film is targeted at the adult audience. But I still waited to hear “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman!” That would have been so much fun!

Yeah, some of these could be ignored. But then, don’t go around saying this is one of the great sci-fi films. It’s not. It’s a Hollywood masala flick. Similar to the Krisssshhhh series. Keep it at that and it shall be reviewed differently.
Reportedly, there’s a Man of Steel 2 in the works. Devaa!

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Well more than irritating, I wondered why Amy Adams was needed all the possible scenes. She is omnipresent. Even on the spacecraft where she is not needed at all.
About Laurence Fishburne, I guess they have just introduced him. For most part the movie felt like setting up for something big. Getting ready for sequel or something like that.
However it was the stage is set up royally, I’d expect some classic action in the parts to come. Since Nolan’s role will be less going forth, psychological angle may be mellowed down to give way to more entertaining action sequences.
Fingers crossed though.

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