MoMo Café Courtyard Marriott

We review the Sunday Brunch and tell you if its worth the ride..

Enter the best looking building on the Bund Garden Road and you’ll be at Courtyard Marriott (not to be mistaken for the one on SB Road). Once inside, you’ll be ushered to a restaurant on the ground floor, that’ll be the place I am talking about, MoMo Café. I had the opportunity to visit the place for a Sunday brunch, and this is what I experienced there.
[divider ]Ambience[/divider]
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It is setup in one of the most luxurious hotels in Pune, so you know it has to be clean, posh and pleasing to the eyes. MoMo is all that, but quite simple and with very little bling to it. In fact, the waiting room on the ground floor looks more luxurious compared to the seating arrangement inside. You are welcomed with the drinks counter right at the entrance and the food and dessert spread is in the far end. You’ll find a lot of activities arranged outside that will keep the kids and wives busy.  There are jumping castles, a magician, nail artist, tattoo maker, pottery maker and bangle maker. There is also live music in the background. Much to offer, but it was the food that found my attention.
[divider ]Food and Drinks[/divider]
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Coming to the main part of the FOOD Review, you’ll be lost for options due to the huge spread in front of you. There are soups and salads, 8 live station counters serving a variety of dishes. Indian, Oriental, Western cuisine, you’ll find almost everything that you can think of for breakfast or lunch food. I enjoyed their muffins (especially the chocolate ones, yummy!), had a chaat, went to the omelets and egg preparations, some dahi wada, then started with starters (mostly fish, chicken and a veg.) and the main course; which had amazing Moghlai Chicken and nans. This is just an example of the kind of variety you find here. A small tip though; do not gorge on the food and drinks. You have 22 types of desserts (so I am told, I never counted myself) waiting, have room for that. Though the food wasn’t the best I have had, and I was a little disappointed with the dessert (due to the lack of a chocolate one)  my companions seemed to enjoy it, a lot. Kudos for the variety. The menu keeps changing, so if you’re lucky, you’ll be served a lot of chocolate dishes when you visit the place.
[divider ]Service[/divider]
They seriously need to work on this part. When I asked for a spoon, I was offered a fork and a knife (which I already had on the table, only the spoon was missing). The same thing happened during the dessert session, when I asked for a spoon he gave me a huge one (which could have been used to serve the gravy at the counter). So if you do not want the fuss, remember to pick up the ‘right’ spoons from the dessert counter. My nans or the roti basket, arrived after about 10 mins, which is bad. The magician seemed to offer his services more than the waiters (I had to call the waiters 2-3 times before they gave me attention, as many times as the magician asked if “I wanted a Show”). Maybe my childlike smile made him think I am one of his regular customers or a potential one who would be enthralled by his show (really, in the age of Chris Angel?).
[divider ]Verdict[/divider]
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For the name that Courtyard Marriott has (mostly because it is confused with the other one), there is scope for a lot of improvement. The expensive prices do not match the food and the experience doesn’t live up to it. The variety of food won me over, but had it been matched with taste I would have been much happier (it is not bad, but it wasn’t the best either). The service needs to be a lot better, and the magician shouldn’t be allowed to enter the premises (those wanting “A SHOW” can step out, I don’t like being bothered while I am enjoying my food). The waiters need to be IN the premises and more prompt in their response.
[divider ]Details[/divider]
Overall, the place is good if you are looking for a posh place to hangout with family (especially if it comprises of grandma’s, aunties and children who will enjoy the activities that are arranged), or meeting business delegates, or some other formal occasions. Remember to be there for a lot of time, especially if you’re a foodie who doesn’t mind trying each dish available.

Where: MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott, Bund Garden Road, Near Pune Railway Station, Pune
When: Every Sundays
Rate: Rs. 999+ taxes
Time: 12.30 – 4 pm
Contact details: 020 67248250, 67248181
Facilities:Indoor AC, Alcohol Served, No Smoking