It is difficult to create comedy all the time

Hrishikesh Joshi lets us know about his next film Andhali Koshimbir and something more..

Some actors slowly but steadily make their mark in your mind. For them, what matters is quality work which stays with the audiences on a longer run. Hrishikesh Joshi belongs to this category of esteemed actors. ‘Kaminey’, ‘Deool’, ‘Bharatiya’, ‘Masala’ and so on. Lately, he has been winning hearts along with applause in the laughter reality show ‘Fu Bai Fu 6‘. He was in Pune a few days ago for the shooting of his next film ‘Andhali Koshimbir’ directed by Aditya Ingale and produced by Anuya Mhaiskar. He spoke about the film and various aspects of his career.
In brief, let us about your role in Andhali Koshimbir.
It is a negative role with comic shades. Though a stupid guy, he thinks of himself as the best goon around and ends up acting like a total monkey. He has his sights set on a house but once inside it, everything goes for a six in his life. All the characters feel real and their experiences will make people smile. We are not making fun of anyone but what they do is funny.
In the film, you are working with some amazing actors. The experience must be crazy?
It is. I have worked with Ashok (Saraf) mama in a few films and so we share a good friendship. We can talk on variety of topics and even pull each other’s legs. The rest of the cast are also good pals along with being good performers. It is always a challenge to work with such terrific actors.
You are seen as someone choosy, in terms of your films or roles. What would you say on that?
I don’t really decide about what roles to pick. I have been lucky about not getting similar roles, whether it was ‘Deool’ or ‘Aajcha Divas Majha’. In my upcoming film ‘Ajoba’ with Urmila Matondkar, I play a different role, quite unlike the ones you have seen me before.
Your latest outing in Fu Bai Fu is being appreciated. What’s it like working in a laughter reality show, especially since you also write your skits?
This platform is strenuous and painful. It is difficult to create comedy all the time. You have to choose different topics. Also, one is not sure if the topic will work or not. There are also a lot of issues to focus on. I cannot work unless I have some good ideas as I feel there is a certain responsibility on me towards bringing forth certain issues.