Hues of the season

Finally! The monsoon is here and I have started missing ‘Mumbai ki barish’ already!! Each one of us can imagine the beautiful view of Marine Lines right now, with black clouds surrounding the Queen’s Necklace (another name for marine lines) and the drizzling water from the kissing clouds. How beautiful it would be!
Well no more ‘Mumbai ki barish’ for me, at least from this season. Monsoon in Pune is surely not that heavy as it is in Mumbai, but with damaged drainage systems, you could see the roads flooded everywhere, be it in Mumbai or Pune. Yet, the monsoon in Pune has a completely different genre which cannot be compared to any other city.
A ride from Deccan Gymkhana to Pune railway station will give you an idea about how pathetic our drainage system is. On the other hand, driving from Vishrantwadi along J.M. road will make you feel as if you are travelling inside a tunnel which is nothing but a group of huge trees bent to the side of the road generating a curve from both sides making way for you at the centre.
I cannot forget the trek trip I had to Sinhagad fort a few days before. The view from the top was just so mesmerizing that it actually erased all the thoughts I had about Marine Lines for some time, creating a beautiful and pure picture of the city of Pune. The USP of Pune is nothing but its serenity. It was so chilling out there, but calm and soothing at the same time. The delicious smell of ‘Kanda bhaji‘ and ‘Pitla bhakri‘ near a local stall on Sinhagad was simply mouth-watering. I couldn’t resist myself from tasting every item on the plate.
This season I am witnessing different hues of life. From Mumbai’s ‘Pav Bhaji‘, I have shifted to Pune’s ‘Missal Pav‘. It’s true, the beauty is not just restricted to Marine Lines or Bandstand especially when it’s showering. But it’s all around, from the Sinhagad fort to Mulshi dam and all over the city. Here monsoon is not just a season but an occasion where you can see humanity more clearly than ever.
When it rains, people search for a shade in order to protect themselves from getting wet, be it under a bus stop shade, or in front of any store, restaurants, malls, even in front of any house for that matter. But, the people living inside such houses never complain about people standing outside. I have seen some people offering water or tea in some cases, to the people standing under the roof. These aren’t any special creatures, but true Punekar’s who value humanity more than anything. Here’s my gratitude to every hard core Punekar in the city. You make the city what it is today. Happy Monsoon!