Driving a point

Some people or rather actors make you break out into a smile whenever they are on screen.Purab Kohli happens to be one such lucky actor. From Hip Hip Hurray to a VJ to acting in films like Rock On!,  My Brother Nikhil and now being associated with the initiative Maruti Suzuki Autocare Young Driver 2013 which is in its fifth year. The contest is to promote a safe driving culture among the Indian youth. The winner becomes the Young Driver Ambassador and gets to take a brand new Alto 800.
You are never associated with any small initiative. What made you choose this one?
Well aren’t we all bogged down by the way this country drives? And I feel responsible for adding to the commotion. I thinks it’s best we all work together on becoming better drivers.
Your view of the road safety amongst the young?
More than safety, I think we need to get responsible about the way we drive and stop wasting energy on others driving.
Did you ever face any driving trouble?
Yes I’ve put myself in a soup many a times. It’s best to apologise and accept your own bad driving and move on.
What are you upto these days? Not much of films?
When you get picky, there’s lesser to choose from, is what I’m learning. There’s which releases in August. Look out for that.
With the kind of films being made, you feel your time has really come, since you are quite choosy?
I’m here to stay in the business. So its always the right time. Ups and downs is what I call life. (smiles)