Dish this card

It is always interesting to see what a known 5 Star hotel has to offer its customer. Its latest offering is membership to the Club with the Hyatt Loyalty Card Program. The card offers tremendous value for members visiting the hotel. Discounts are tiered to offer maximum benefit to a larger group of diners. Hemant Mehta, Executive Assistant Manager-Food & Beverage, Hyatt Regency Pune, speaks more on this new venture, which enables one to dine in any of the Hyatt eateries with relative ease.
Hemant_MehtaCan you describe the nature of this club and loyalty card?
It is actually an old concept run by Hyatt all over the globe. The aim is to increase awareness among the people of what Hyatt has to offer. The card works for the restaurants and food offerings at Hyatt. With it, you get five vouchers which will be used irrespective of whether you use the card or not. The vouchers are for the other facilities at our venue and give you benefits of up to Rs 15, 000. So in the 12 months time that the membership lasts, if you do not use the card, the vouchers will be double their value. It is like a prestige symbol as the card holder would be treated specially. We take details of the person and his family and take care of him.
From a business point of view, why launch it now and here?
Internationally, we had the Gold Passport card which allows you to get points the moment you stay with us. This, however, was available only for guests who stayed at our hotels. There was nothing for the locals who would visit but won’t stay. The card benefits are for all customers, but for food and beverages. The target will be the locals, many of whom are not aware enough of the brand. We want to break that barrier. We want them to experience dining at the Hyatt.
To become a member and for more information, please contact the Hyatt Regency in Pune.