Confessions of a homesick in Pune

It has been more than a month for me now since I have shifted to Pune. I have realized that living on your own is not as easy as you think. Especially for the highly pampered one’s like me *wink*. For the first time in 20 years I am living away from my parents. Being a very protected child, initially it was very difficult for me to adjust here.
I miss every single dish made by my mom, every hug I used to get in the morning by my dad, all the fun I used to do with my brother*sigh*. Although I was very happy to come here, and to be “Independent” (and so was my brother to get the whole room for himself) but eventually I started missing my family like never before. I got so damn emotional one day when my brother started crying over the phone saying, “didi, take the whole room, I don’t want it, but come
You don’t realize how important your family is to you until you stay away from them. Once you do, you agree to whatever your mom said about you, all these years, was not at all ‘pointless’ (which you thought it was back then). You really are lazy! My roommate does make me feel as if I am living with my sibling. Sometimes I do get into an argument with her, where as sometimes when she keeps a bite of chocolate for me just because I like it, It makes me feel loved. Also, a colleague of mine sometimes is as irritating as a bee in our head, but he is the first person that comes to my mind each time I get stuck; because I know he would guide me properly.
But you know what the best part is? I have began to explore myself! My capabilities, my interest also my weaknesses. I have started learning different things. Right from getting up without hitting the ‘snooze’ button, to packing up my bag every night for the next day. Each day I get up, thinking what exciting or what new I will learn today? What does this city have for me today? The first thing I learnt from Pune is valuing a relationship. Be it with my roommate, my colleagues at work or with anyone, but once you start valuing it, you understand how unique it is! And yes, it has also taught me that every relationship is unique in its own way.
I still haven’t figured out, what is it that has kept me going in this city? Is it the new job that I have got? Is it the climate or the surrounding? Or the friends I have made? Or is it someone special? I think it is the people around me who help me every time I get confused. From the people who guide me with the way every time I jumble the roads, to the people at work who correct and encourage me to work better. And what they have in common is their true Punekar spirit which believes in the saying ‘atithi devo bhava‘.
Pune has made me feel like I am home, away from home. To quote a true Punekar, “laju nakos. aplach ghar samaj!” is not only a saying in Pune, it is the way Pune is!