A name to reckon with

For actor Hemant Dhome, acting in Andhali Koshimbir is perfect thanks to a great script and cast

A rising name in the Marathi film and television industry, Hemant Dhome comes out as an interesting character who can write film scripts (Satarangi Re) as well act well in movies like Kshanbhar Vishranti and Jai Jai Maharashtra Maza. Apart from being in the finals of Fu Bai Fu 6, he is also busy shooting for his next film, Andhali Koshimbir, in Pune. A mad-caper yet sensitive family film, Hemant plays a different role here. He explains more about his character and more.
What’s your madcap role in Andhali Koshimbir?
I play a photographer whose photo studio is named Aamhi Nimmitta Matra (I am just a medium). He really believes it is a medium and the photos come out automatically. A typical Punekar, he is quite shameless (in a positive way) and bindhast. No one comes to his studio nor does he take the efforts to search for work.
What made you accept the film? How’s the atmosphere on this crazy film’s set?
It is a mad story, in fact, a well written one. In such cases, you do not need any improvisations from the actor. The situation and language is such that comedy comes out naturally. But it is not just a subtle comedy.
If you talk about the actors, it is good to work with someone like Ashok Saraf who is superb at comedy. When I was growing up, I wanted to be an actor after seeing his films. Also, he helps us out if something is missing in the scene. Speaking of Vandana (Gupte) Tai, few actresses understand and perform comedy so well. She is such a big name and there is lots to learn from her. The rest of the cast are my pals. So it is fun to work with them.
You have seen doing some comedies previously. Don’t you think you will be stuck with an image?
Honestly, no, I don’t think so. I agree that despite trying to do different things, audience might decide your image. But I have been doing serious roles in plays. I have also done roles from the rural background.
Your pairing with Priyadarshan Jadhav in Fu Bai Fu is universally liked. How’s the scene there?
Comedy these days has become superficial filled with double meaning or vulgar jokes. That our work is being appreciated means that we are doing exactly opposite. It appeals to all. But our work is difficult. We have to constantly think of how to keep the standards high. I also think the platform is great. Without taking names, I think the show has made some people famous. Yet some do not consider it a great option. But, work is work.
How come we are not seeing you act opposite wife Kshitee (Jog) in a show or film, even in Fu Bai Fu?
We consciously choose not to be a pair in Fu Bai Fu. We do not want to be stuck with the exclusive pair tag, unless we get good work together.