Tujha Majha Jamena

Tujha Majha Jamena is a story of any Maharashtrian household would have who has a son or daughter of marriageable age. The bickering parents and the know it all child creates quite a funny situation. Here the story deals with the topic of inter-caste marriage in a humorous way and, I really mean it. Also to add to the spice we have have typical Punekari’s (Me being one, I disagree. But after all its gossip and who doesn’t love it.) who are typical gossip mongers and keen lovers to know what is happening in other houses.
So the plot revolves around a family, the society where this family lives and yes of course the inter-caste aspect. The love between Vaibhav and Manva is well portrayed.
This show has its own humourous perspective on the quandary which every man encounters when he is made to choose between his mother and his wife.The director Mahesh Manjrekar has presented us with a story of the relationship between a traditional mother-in-law and a modern thinking daughter-in-law. Their small differences of opinions, approach towards life which give rise to situations between them which are brilliantly treated with chemical of laughter.
About the show:
‘Tujha Majha Jamena’ marks the foray of Mahesh Waman Manjrekar on Marathi television. It also brings back veteran actress Reema on small screen with a bang. Featuring an eclectic cast with Manva Naik and Vaibhav Tatwawadi in the lead roles, the show promises fun, entertainment and also many realistic emotional dilemmas to ponder on. The show is a sweet & fun take on the dilemma faced by every man when he is made to choose between his mother and his wife.
It is a slice of life representation of the relationship between a traditionally rooted mother-in-law & a progressive daughter-in-law. The story revolves around the small differences arising between them largely because of the contrasting beliefs, generation gap and viewpoints. This leads to situations where the man who is both a son and a husband can’t pick a side. And like is true for all husbands, when asked to choose between your mother and wife, “NO CHOICE IS RIGHT”.
Watch this potpourri of situations that are relatable to every member in the household unfold only on Zee Marathi. It is telecast at 9pm on weekdays.
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Tatwawadi is a superb actor. He was in my college. you should watch his play called “Gumphan” where he played an old man. Amazing!
You can search for it on youtube through COEPCultural channel.

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