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The O Hotel Pune in collaboration with Ray Art Foundation initiated Watermark – Art for a cause

‘Watermark’ an art fundraiser organized by The O Hotel Pune and Ray Art Foundation, was inaugurated by renowned actor and director Mrinal Kulkarni, today at Cufflinks at The O Hotel Pune.
‘Watermark’ is a special exhibition and sale of paintings to raise funds and bring relief to the drought victims in Maharashtra. 42 popular Indian artists like, Buva Shete, Nitin Nangare, Dilip Kadam, Sudip Roy, Ketki Pimpalkhare, each donated a piece of their art to the fundraiser.
The art starts at INR 15,000 and is available at a discounted price to encourage the people of Pune to support the noble cause.
The O Hotel Pune is hosting the event for the next two days, post which it will continue at the Ray Art Gallery.
The inauguration was attended by Moushmi Sanas, Monika Trivedi, Deepak Shikarpur, Vithal Maniyar, among others.