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No excuse for non- compliance with the law-Shailesh Gandhi , Former Information Commissioner

Corporate world is witnessing the non-compliance with the regulation & there by interventions by judicial system in the recent past.
In wake of this alarming situation, Legasis Services Pvt. Ltd, the Pune based leading firm into compliance Management solutions and several IT enabled legal support services, is doing commendable job by celebrating Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week from May 5-11, 2013 to highlight the importance of ethics and compliance in the corporate world. Many companies worldwide use the week as an opportunity to raise awareness and necessity of compliance and ethics and engage employees in vitally important topics, roll out new compliance training programs and hold periodical compliance training activities.
The inauguration of the Compliance & Ethics week was kick started by Mr. Shailesh Gandhi, Former Information Commissioner and Mr. Anant Sardeshmukh, Director General of MCCIA, Pune. The Booklet titled “LEGASIS ALMANAC” encompassing various articles concerning a Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Compliance, was released by dignitaries. The articles highlight the importance of adopting compliance and ethics program to bring in the compliance culture across the organizations. The blog was created called “” The idea is to create community of compliance professionals & inculcate the culture of compliance within the organisation.
Mr. Shailesh Gandhi stressed the importance of compliance culture in the following words …”Compliance is not a great virtue but is absolute requirement” …”follow the law, implement and if you feel, laws are inadequate, then try to change the law”.
Mr. Anant Sardeshmukh highlighted the issues faced by the MSME sector which contributes largely to the GDP growth and congratulated Legasis for developing platform like “Legatrix” which is a boon to this sector for compliance management. He has also mentioned the benefits which can reaped by compliance management by this sector.
Mr. Suhas Tuljapurkar, the founder and mentor of Legasis, has emphasized the need of paradigm shift from “Compliance to Compliance Culture”.
Mr. Arun Kulkarni, the Director highlighted the Legasis journey and emphasized the need to embrace the compliance culture among the Legatrix user community which consists of more than 70 large multinational companies and more than 7000 executives thereof.
Senior management team from various large Pune based companies were present to greet the Legasis team on this occasion and have highlighted the benefits that are derived by them in their day to day business activities by using “LEGATRIX