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Review: Iron Man 3

Verdict: No stars; just go watch it!!!
For those who have watched and liked the first two Iron Man movies, I don’t think there is any need for me to tell you this is an amazing movie. The movie trailer kind of tells you about the awesomeness that awaits. But people who have watched the movie have two kind of opinions; the  first think the movie is good, enjoyable and fun to watch while the other think its one of the most amazing superhero movies ever made, surpassing the league of even Dark Knight Rises. So the verdict; do not compare it to any other movie and I mean not even the first two Iron Man movies; let alone the creation of the greatness by Christopher Nolan. Comparison only diminishes the awesomeness of both. Dark Knight wins hands down (my personal opinion may be lamented by some).
Iron Man 3 is the culmination of the best of the first two; the star cast just gets better (though I miss Scarlett Johansson in this one) and Gwyneth Palthrow is the hottest she has ever looked in any movie till date. Tony Stark has matured and so has the Iron Man suites; without giving away anything, this time he has taken the technology and the power to impress and keep us in awe to an all new level. The action in this movie is taken up a  few notches from the last ones (Iron Man 3 makes Iron Man one and two seem sissy; just like the new Samsung phones make the previous ones seem like they are unworthy of being in the same league); like those weren’t good enough already. The technology, the addition of the new villains and the breakthrough DNA injections to give superhuman regeneration capabilities (oops, should that be a spoiler alert) makes Iron Man 3 all the more interesting and fun.
I will refrain from talking about the story line, as it will only ruin the movie for most(I already have a tad bit). But I will tell you some things you should look out for; especially the Hulkbuster; a huge Iron Man suit with a lot of muscle power. Tony Stark’s antics and attitude leave one amazed and I can’t help worshiping the great Robert Downey Jr. for his acting abilities, he is perfect in every shot. He is so amazing I liked Robert more than Tony Stark or Iron Man, for you can clearly see the greatness he brings to an already great character. Also, brownie points for one of the villians; the man who played Gandhi (not in this movie of course), the great Ben Kingsley. He might be the only person in the movie who totally takes away the attention when Robert is in the same frame. If you haven’t watched it yet; then you are missing out on something spectacular.
PS Do wait till the end of the credits. If you follow the story line, you’ll be left wondering who Tony was narrating the story to in the start of the movie. The end will answer all the questions you might have by the end, so don’t get completely blown away and remain seated through the credits. Stay seated and stay calm till the end or till the cleaners  finally have to tell you to LEAVE the premises.

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