The Captaincy Charade

It seems the Captain’s cap of our home team is like the dreaded crown of thorns. The crown is much sought for by many, given the great respect and power it brings, but its laden with responsibilities and complete blame in times of failure. The Pune captains would tell it better. With Angelo Matthews facing the brunt for being an inexperienced captain and the disastrous losses of Pune in the IPL, the management seems to be playing musical chairs with the captaincy position. It’s almost like they are playing their cards with no sense of the game, hoping that they get lucky (in Marathi it sounds so apt, “Tukka lagaichi apeksha vartaet asa vattay!). So we decided to scan the team for some responsible shoulders to fill up the vacancy of being the boss (not really, but captains do decide a lot on field).
Yuvraj Singh
Status: Dodging the responsibility
The former captain of PWI seems to be in no mood to take back the reins of his horse. After his reign as Captain was abruptly ended due to his tryst with cancer, Punekars and Yuvi lovers prayed for his speedy recovery. The angry young man of cricket, who is known for hit hard hitting abilities (who else can hit 6 6s in one over?) made a comeback and proved his caliber as a cricketer and an athlete once again. But ever since, he is not so keen on taking up captaincy, as it affects  his game. So, the only possible option we have for now, is not so keen to take it up. A strong leadership from our star player seems improbable at the moment.
Michael Clarke
Status: Injured. May miss out the season
The Australian team captain is the top contender for the captain’s cap for Pune (ironically, he has one of the worst defeats, all against India and many tout him as Australia’s worst captain ever). Though the disastrous series against India might have many skeptical about his captaincy skills, he has what most of the Pune players who are vouching for the position don’t; experience. His experience as the captain of Australia will count, and in times where Pune has no real captain material, he can surely be someone to watch out for. Hope he makes a speedy recovery.
Ross Taylor
Status: Playing. best contender for captaincy.
The former New Zealand captain can be the man we are looking for. He did take-up the position this season for one match, against Chennai SuperKings. And boy did he do a great job! Pune won its first IPL in Chennai against Chennai. That was also Pune’s first win this season, so he should not only be handed over the position, he should be welcomed as a captain. But, the Sahara management seem to be lost in trying to make a captain out of Matthews which I personally don’t really approve of.
Sourav Ganguly
Status: God only knows!! (not Sachin, or maybe)
This might well be a fantasy, for Ganguly is not even in the IPL, let alone being part of the Pune team. Like last year, we can get him on board to lead the side, but that seems highly unlikely. Given that he his out of form and hasn’t got much time to click with the Pune players, his captaincy skills are unmatched and legendary. Remember the 2003 World Cup, where he took India till the finals? (ofcourse we had a disastrous loss with Ponting hitting our bowlers all over) Well going by the current scenario, I not only vouch for Ganguly, I also believe that he can be a game changer this IPL.