Pune to face another biggie

So, as I would have thought, Pune did not exactly make a comeback. After one win against Rajasthan, it went on to face the Team of God (I only call it so because it has Sachin Tendulkar playing for it) , which was never going to be an easy battle. Mumbai Indians are stronger than ever before, and with Pune just getting a foothold in this season, it was always going to be a tough battle for the Warriors. And just like a small child who walks his first few steps and then falls down, Pune fell in front of the mighty Mumbai Indians.
But like the child, Pune must try to get up again and do the things that brings cheers to his parents (crowd), standing up strong and walking towards victory once again. And with that loss, Mumbai made its way to the top while Pune went down to be perched on Number 8, just ahead of Delhi (which has lost all matches it has played this season). If the losses continue, our hopes of clenching the title this season is gone once again.
So today, we face Chennai, in Chennai. The two time champions under the captaincy of our Captain Cool, MSD. How this match will be played and what strategies and planning will be going in all this, God only knows (or cricket experts and expert commentators who seem to think that there is some thinking even when a player spits his chewing gum on the ground).
Aaj je kai hoil te hoil, pan Punyachya team cha kharach kahi khara nahi….