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Pushkar's Music Appreciation Workshop

The discussions on Indian music have been predominantly on theoretical aspects and mainly by theoreticians and not by practicing musicians. In this workshop Pushkar Lele, a noted classical vocalist, composer and writer intends to examine with a liberal and holistic approach various aspects of a Contemporary Hindustani (North Indian) Classical Music Performance for a lay listener. The workshop is meant to engage the participants to critically and objectively demystify the basics of  Indian Classical Music and tries to seek in the context of changing times, a new meaning appropriate to what has come down from tradition.
The workshop would cover a brief overview of Music of India – Varieties and Features, Raga-Tala-Bandish, Music Making, Techniques of Elaboration, Forms of Music, Raga-Ras and Raga-Samay connection, Instrumental Music, Gharana and their contribution.
Date: 13th to 14th April
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: North Court, Opposite Joggers Park, Kalyani Nagar.
Contact: 9561720001, 9764910345