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Looking for a gaming PC in Pune? We’ll help you navigate and put one together.

So, Gamers in India have a lot of crises (not the actual game First Person Shooter Game) while buying a gaming desktop. Firstly, its the aloofness of most retailers in India. Many computer dealers never have to deal with those wanting to buy high performance machines and even if they do get such customers, they are mostly given a branded PC which has definite specifications.
Finding a good dealer who has high performance components in stock is quite rare but the next problem that arises is the pricing. Most would go out and about to loot customers and recommend them to purchase stocks that they want to get off their shelf. Thus one is left with something quite different from expectations. Since I myself am hoping to get myself a high end gaming PC (that’s close to Rs 1 lac with good features and components) I faced a few problems dealing with retailers and having to rethink each time. So here are a few tips for those hoping to buy good desktops for enhancing their gaming experience.

Be sure of what you want to buy

Most of us do not know the technical details like which CPU goes with which motherboard and what’s compatible with what. The simple way to solve this by researching a bit for yourself and by consulting with your dealer. Finally, he is the one responsible for whatever happens to the computer and has to give you a replacement if the configuration doesn’t work out.

Maintain all bills and boxes for it will give you amazing deals if you plan to sell it later on. Even if you have a detailed know how of computers, make them assemble and get the system ready for you.

Know the pricing

Once you have settled down on the pricing, check the pricing everywhere. Calling up dealers wont work (for 90% of them won’t give you the quotation of what you have zeroed in on. I tried my luck on Just Dial and got back over 50 calls within minutes. After telling them the configuration, half did not reply and the other half send the quotations for something totally irrelevant). So I prefer doing it online using the following websites.
Delta Page (
A good website to check for pricing of various components in India. The pricing is up to date and it has most components a normal gamer or a casual enthusiast would look for.
The IT Wares (
This is a website based in Mumbai and has excellent interface and pricing  You can also get in touch with them and get any questions related to computers and desktops answered. It has a wider range than the previous one. You can also buy from the website itself, so if you are one to assemble a PC yourself, they can give you free home delivery. They also have mobile pricing on the website (Coming Soon).
SMC International (
With a wide range of products almost everything like the one above, SMC is a good website for cross checking your prices. You can also order directly from them and get in touch with them for any queries. Its a website based in Delhi.

Be sure to keep the boxes and bills

Preferably, I would say you should be present when your dealer is assembling the computer or tell him to come assemble it all at your home itself. See to it that all the boxes are not unboxed and have seals to be sure of authenticity. Maintain all bills and boxes for it will give you amazing deals if you plan to sell it later on. Even if you have a detailed know how of computers, make them assemble and get the system ready for you. They will come to haunt you later if a problem arises and they find you did something yourself.

Good Desktop dealers in Pune:

Havok Nation (Especially for Gamers)
Location: 33A, 2nd Floor, Lane C, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Contact: 9960417287,
Sujata Computers (Has good stocks and is one of the well known dealers in Pune, quite reliable)
Location: 66/2 Guru Chaya Apartment, Nal Stop, Karve Road, Kothrud, Pune – 411029
Contacts: 40100700
DCC (Has Various outlets and ready stock. Unsure about hardware though)
Contacts:, 020 3021 7700 / 9326744 771
BABA Computers (Situated on Tilak Road, its good for usual PC requirements. For High end components, one might not get as good a deal)
149/A M. G ROAD -East Street Corner, Camp, Pune
SHOP # 5 & 6, Opp. Water Pump Station, Parvati, Pune
SHOP # 10, 470 Sadashiv Peth, Dattatray Niwas, Pune
Next To Maharashtra Mandal
Shop 8, Near Mcdonald, Premier Plaza
Contact:, 1800-233-2266(Toll Free)

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as per my experience BABA gives the most reasonable rates in pune. DCC and sujata overprice their stuff

True.. But they have service.. BABA is great though, the prices are lowest but when you’re buying a whole computer with all the products, the difference isn’t much as I experienced.

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