Pagadi che bol

Celebrating Womanhood

The Punekar sheds light on the true meaning of womanhood…

A woman is not just an embodiment of the female spirit, for she exists not only in the female of each species especially humans, she is something more. The female spirit exists all around us. Our culture and tradition attributes all the major qualities that one holds dear to women. Thus, knowledge is attributed to Goddess Saraswati, for it is through her that one can reach prosperity.
Prosperity is not just huge amounts of wealth as most would understand, for prosperity lies also in heart and mind. A prosperous person is he who has food on the table, a loving family by his side, wealth enough to take care of himself and his family and a purpose in life. Prosperity too finds attribution to a Goddess, Laxmi. Not just that, the land we stand on is called “Bhumata” or “Earth Mother”, our great country, “Bharatmata”, “Matrubhoomi” and even nature, the source of our creation, is “Shrushti” a female Goddess. So why is it that today we have forgotten the very essence of respecting a living goddess, in the form of a woman?
We all talk about the Delhi rape case and how its shameful. Yes, it is, but what about the other cases of not just rape but rampant female infanticide, women being forced into prostitution, sexual harassment, eve teasing, etc? Are they not important to us because, well, it’s not the front page news? Women should not just be respected, they must be given equal treatment but are these the things women’s rights organizations demand? Most ask for special rights and shroud the judgement of independent thinking women under the guise of feminism. Do they really know what feminism is?
Today, I’m told to be kind and gentle to women, for it’s INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. For one day, women should be treated good, be pleased and be heard. What about the 364 other days? Why is it that today is the only time men and women come out to voice their opinion for womanhood? And do women really want and require special rights? Most women I know are against special rights for women than men. All they want is equal status, equal opportunities, safety and security against anti-social elements (most of whom are within the normal society itself) and most importantly, to be judged on the basis of their knowledge, expertise and work and not their GENDER or their CLOTHES. They do not ask for respect, for they know very well, that respect is earned, not demanded. These are true women, who prove themselves even in a male dominated environment and do not make a fuss about it, for the strength of a woman lies within her.

Women should not just be respected, they must be given equal treatment. But are these the things women’s rights organizations demand?

Today, I hope women stop blaming society and stand up for themselves. Yes, they like being pampered, but not all the time. There is no need for a man to open doors for a women, for women today can open doors themselves, whether it’s the physical one or the door of opportunities. With equal rights, women will succeed in all they wish, regardless of special rights being bestowed upon them. They will not just be good mothers, good sisters, wives (being all that is as important for the future as it is today) but also be good at whatever it is they wish to achieve. The society is not just about Man Vs Woman, it is about the collective growth of not just humanity but the world itself. The society needs to enforce a change and it should start with women.

There is no need for a man to open doors for a women, for women today can open doors themselves, whether it’s the physical one or the door of opportunities

Women should teach their sons to respect women and their daughters to live out her dream. Only then will there be a civilization that respects women and which does not try to bog her down. It is not education that is to be blamed, but values, for a civilised man need not always be educated and educated men are not always civilised.  Hoping women stop blaming men for their problems and face the world head-on, taking inspiration from not just Goddesses like Kali, Durga or Bhavani but also from those like Rani Lakshmibai, who fought for her belief when no man could stand up to the might of the British.
The true spirit of a woman lies in her belief and in herself, just like that of a man, for the soul understands no gender, no caste, religion, nationality or any other division. Our soul is ONE and this Women’s Day, lets dispel the myth of Men and Women being opposites so that a time comes where everyone is treated as equals.