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Attacks of 26/11

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Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: Parag Sanghvi
Writer: Ram Gopal Varma, Rommel Rodrigues
Starring: Nana Patekar, Sanjeev Jaiswal
Studio: Alumbra Entertainment
Distributor: Eros International
Verdict:  3/5
So Ramu is back, again. Now, he had a lot of pressure with this one, since all his latest ventures have been a dud and it was his presence at the Taj that got so much outrage, that poor Ritesh’s dad had to face the brunt. The movie unlike most Bollywood movies has no item songs, no distractions and has a straightforward take, which I personally would give a thumbs up for. It starts directly with the boat scene, from where the terrorists made way to our beloved city, Mumbai.
The movie portrays each of the attacks, from the CST, Taj Hotel, Cama Hospital and the one on Leopold Cafe. Now, to play spoiler, not much is shown about the Taj crossfire or any other incidents, the picture seems more of a biopic of Kasab. Nana Patekar is the only other powerful role, who plays Rakesh Maria in the film. Other than a few smart dialogues and Nana’s awesome screen presence, he has no role to play. The film is taken more as a suspense, with intense silence just before the firing randomly begins. The blood and gore may not be for the faint of hearts, but it is a reality which had to be portrayed the way it was, sending emotions of intense hatred and anguish. The few special appearances by Atul Kulkarni and Jitendra Joshi, along with Farzad Jehani (owner of Leopold Cafe) who plays himself are dwarfed by the firings and the bombings. The unfathomable fear and despair it spread among us was recreated and sends shivers down one’s spine.
However, the flaws start showing up by the end. Ramu went to haywire in trying to instill fear, thus it was more like Bhoot. Blood, gore and everything that makes our hair stand up and a long silence before and after with some hard hitting music too add effect. The roles of the NSG Commandos are completely ignored, so there is not even a mention of our martyr Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Even the roles of Karkare, Kamte and Salaskar are a blink and miss one. Tukaram Ombale is an exception here, and his bravery deserves a thousand salutes. The movie as I mentioned is more a biopic of Kasab and the terrorists than a neutral take of 26/11 itself, where both sides are portrayed equally. It should have been named otherwise only to ensure that people like me don’t have such expectations. The blood and gore could have been cut to make time for showing other realities that had to be cut due to the time duration.
I would recommend you to watch it for the truth must be known, and it is good that movies are being made. I would however, also appeal to other’s in the film fraternity to take up the subject and show a more neutral take or one portraying the story line of our heroes. India needs a better biopic of not just this event, but others as well, with a more realistic approach rather than our over the top, drama.
PS This one is an adult movie, so don’t take your children along. Though I have seen parent’s bring children to movies more inappropriate than this one (Delhi Belly, Dirty Picture and even Raaz 3 or Murder 2), I would strictly forbid it for the sensitive subject won’t be understood by toddlers.