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Vinod Doshi Memorial Theatre Festival 2013

The Schedule for the upcoming theatre event.

Dates: 25th February to 1st March

Where: Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha, Kothrud, Pune
The Festival features known directors such as Atul Kumar, Lillete Dubey, Sunil Shanbag, Abhishek Majumdar and Mohit Takalkar and other esteemed as well as young performers.
Tickets for the Festival will be available at the venue from 14th Feb onwards (9:00 am to 11:30 am & 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm) and will be priced at Rs 480 and Rs 600 for Season Pass and Rs.80, 120 & 150 for daily pass.
For more details contact
Tele booking: 020-39895050

2Piya Behrupiya

Day and Date Details: Monday, 25th Feb 2013
Timing: 7:30 pm
Originally Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Atul Kumar
Produced by The Company Theatre
Translated by Amitosh Nagpal
Music: Rahul Sharma on Percussion and Amod Bhatt on Harmonium
Cast: Sagar Deshmukh, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Mansi Multani, Gagan Riar, Mantra Mugdha, Trupti Khamkar, Neha Saraf, Amitosh Nagpal, Saurabh Nayyar and Noor
Language: Hindi
Duration: 120 minutes, with interval
Atul Kumar’s adaptation of Twelfth Night is a musical comedy, which opened to acclaim in April last year at the Globe To Globe Festival of Shakespeare’s plays in London.
In the household of Olivia, two campaigns are being quietly waged — one by Orsino, the lovesick lord, against the heart of the indifferent Olivia, and the other by an alliance of servants and hangers-on against the high-handedness of her steward, the pompous Malvolio. When Orsino engages the cross-dressed Viola to plead to Olivia on his behalf, a bittersweet chain of events follows. Piya Behrupiya, which is presented in the form of a traditional Indian nautanki, does full justice to its rich source material.

1Adhe Adhure

Day and Date Details: Tuesday, 26th Feb 2013
Timing: 7:30 pm
Written by Mohan Rakesh
Produced and Directed by Lillete Dubey
Assistant Director: Anuschka Sawhney
Lights Designed by: Pradeep Vaidyya
Original Music Score by Gandhaar Sangoram
Set Designed by Bhola Sharma and Lillete Dubey
Costumes Designed by Trishna Popat
Cast: Lillete Dubey, Mohan Agashe, Ira Dubey, Rajeev Siddhartha and Anuschka Sawhney
Language: Hindi
Duration: 105 minutes, with a 15 minute interval
Adhe Adhure is a tragicomedy based on the life of the middle class. It is the story of life in contemporary society and about a life that is incomplete in itself. This idea is portrayed through a middle class family that is on the brink of collapse. Introduced to the audience 40 years ago, this brilliant classic still runs to packed houses! This masterpiece is a recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award — India’s highest Literary Award.
Savitri, a middle-aged woman, is unhappy with her circumstances. Her life consists of an unemployed son, a promiscuous teenage daughter, and, above all, a husband, who has failed to provide her emotional and financial security. She seeks to fulfill herself in relationships outside marriage, only to realise that men are the same beneath different faces.
A powerful and searingly truthful look at marriage, the play explores the themes of fragmentation and incompleteness at the individual, familial, and social levels.
Savitri is considered as one of Hindi theatre’s first feminist icons. What makes Mohan Rakesh’s portrait of Savitri so gripping is that one is never sure whether he admires her rage to get a grip on her life, or rather suggests that she is a woman caught in her destiny and circumstances, in the manner of a tragic Greek heroine.

Maro Piyu Gayo Rangoon

3Day and Date Details: Wednesday, 27th Feb 2013
Timing: 7:30 pm
Originally Written by William Shakespeare
Adapted by Mihir Bhuta
Directed by Sunil Shanbag
Produced by Aparna Productions
Music by Uday Mazumdar
Musicians: Vinod Padge, Jayesh Dhargalkar, Tushar Deval
Costumes by Maxima Basu
Set designed by Nayantara Kotian
Lights Designed by Sunil Shanbag
Cast: Meenal Patel, Utkarsh Mazumdar, Chirag Vohra, Manasi Parekh-Gohil, Archan Trivedi, Satchit Puranik, Nishi Doshi, Ajay Jairam and Natasha Singh
Language: Gujarati
Duration: 120 minutes
Sunil Shanbag mixes live music, dance, and drama in this adaptation of Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well, commissioned for the prestigious Globe to Globe Festival at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London.
In the small town of Rasoli in Saurashtra, Heli is in love with young Bharatram. However, Bharatram is called away to the city of Mumbai to help his uncle, Rao Bahadur Gokuldas, a merchant prince. Heli, who is madly in love with Bharatram, follows him. When she cures Gokuldas of tuberculosis, she claims Bharatram as her reward. He flees to Rangoon, but before he goes, he attaches two difficult conditions to their marriage…conditions that he is sure Heli will never be able to meet.


4Day and Date Details: Thursday, 28th Feb 2013
Timing: 7:30 pm
Written by Irawati Karnik
Conceived and Directed by Abhishek Majumdar
Produced by Riad Mahmood Arts and Education Foundation, and Indian Ensemble
Assistant Director and Production Manager: Virginia Rodrigues
Music by Abhijeet Pakrashi
Cast: Adhir Bhatt and Sandeep Shikhar
Language: Hindi
Duration: 100 minutes
While everything around seemed headed towards a slow collapse, in a shed on an island in the middle of a lake, two boys built their world. Twenty years later, it is quite another past that stands in their way.
Today, two whimsical narrators scramble madly to recreate what happened. Set against the background of the Kashmir imbroglio, Gasha is an account of the fractured friendship between two boys — a Kashmiri Pandit and a Kashmiri Muslim — and their need to affirm their story.
Note: Gasha is the Third and Final Part of the Kashmir Trilogy; the first being Rizwaan (scheduled for the Contemporary Indian Theatre, 2012-2013, in France) and the second is The Djinns of Eidgah (screened at The Royal Court Theatre, London, in November 2012). Gasha can be viewed independent of the first two parts.

Uney Purey Shaharek

Day and Date Details: Friday, 1st March 2013
Timing: 7:30 pm
Directed by Mohit Takalkar
Cast: Ashwini Giri, Anita Date, Devendra Gaikwad, Jyoti Subhash, Laxmi Birajdar, Prajakta Patil, Prajakta Salbarde, Pratibha Date, Radhika Apte, Rahul Parkhe, Ravi Sangvai, Sagar Deshmukh, Sayali Deodhar, Siddharth Menon, Umesh Jagtap, Veera Saxena and Vibhavari Deshpande
Language: Marathi
Duration: 150 mins with a 10 min interval
This is a city now. It used to be something else, and that something else is history now. The history of this city is the chain of events, ambitions, aspirations, frustrations, and efforts of the people who loved it even when it was a mere piece of land. They built a town over it, which later ruled the country. The history of this city made it worth becoming what it is today — a city!
People’s dreams made it grow bigger. Dreams…they bring people here. More and more people with more and more dreams! However, the dreams of people on this piece of land no longer form a part of the future of this city. The city has begun thriving on the dreaming people themselves and not their dreams. The dreams do not matter to the city.
The cytoplasm of this city is now full of vacuoles; a vacuum that believes itself to be living. People are engulfed by their own vacuum, their incompleteness. But the city continues to feel complete.
It is a complete city, full of incomplete people. It is a maze of incompleteness. Each bit is incomplete. Yet, even if one piece of this jigsaw is lost, the picture will still be complete.
The city always grows into a complete picture, full of incompleteness.