Movie Review

Premachi Goshta

See what the Punekar thinks about the new Marathi movie.

Director: Satish Rajwade
Producer: Ihita Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Writer: Satish Rajwade, Chinmay Kelkar
Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Sagarika Ghatge, Rohini Hattangadi, Sulekha Talwalkar, Meera Welankar, Ajay Purkar, Satish Rajwade
Music: Avinash and Vishwajit Joshi
Cinematography: Suhas Gujrati
Verdict: 3/5
So there are two reasons why I actually went to watch this film; Atul Kulkarni’s acting which I have loved since Rang de Basanti, Natarang and even his villainous roles in Khakee or Dum and Sagaraki Ghatge (for obvious reasons; definitely not acting or dialogue delivery for she hardly speaks fluent Marathi) . Marathi movies today have gone past its pathetic comedy days and it makes me proud to say they are actually in the league with Hollywood (I still feel Harishchandrachi Factory should have won an Oscar).
Yes, I do not enjoy romantic movies but this is far from that. It has a realistic take to love and relationships and emphasises more on the story line rather than romantic background songs with the lead pair dancing in a garden to showcase that they are in love. The film is about Ram and Ragini who are in divorce court for reason both are yet to fully comprehend. Nowhere is divorce attributed as a last option or a taboo. Instead Rohini Hattangadi (who played a wonderful role in 8 Academy Award winner and 11 Academy Award Nominee Gandhi to 11 years of Char Divas Sasuche) who plays mother of Ram tells its better to end a marriage that has no future.
Also, the woman is not shown as dependent and the ‘abla nari’ for whom marriage is the most important validation for happiness. Ragini is shown as an independent, career oriented and free spirited woman which is a welcome change. The story doesn’t get cheesy or over the top (a delight for me, sad if you think of those moments as “romantic”) and Rajwade’s direction makes it better. Though many a times I am reminded of watching Asambhav for some reason (the sets of the house are almost like that of many Marathi TV serials) it never got sad or boring.
Though I did not enjoy it much for I am not of the age the film is particularly targeted at (25-35 years and the older age group) its different and with great actors like Atul it manages to keep you interested. Its refreshing for its simplistic and logical take on divorce which in our country is seen as an extreme step for unknown reasons. Its not your typical Masala movie but a fun, simple and thoughtful take on modern age relationships.