Honoured Ganpatis of Pune

The five manache (honoured) Ganpatis of Pune..

The five manache (honoured) Ganpatis of Pune have great significance in the ten day long Ganeshotsav. Therefore, it is thronged with thousands of devotees making a beeline for the blessings of the Almighty.

Last week, we mentioned about the Kasba Ganpati.  To read about it click here:
This week, the Punekar brings to you the rest of the four revered Ganpatis of the city.
Tambadi Jogeshwari
Jogeshwari Ganpati enjoys second honour in the Ganeshotsav after Kasba Ganpati. Established in 1893, the mandal was initiated by Tilak for the betterment of the society.
The uniqueness of this idol is that it resembles the elephants of Africa. Mr. Gulunjkar is the man behind creating these idols every year. Over the decades, the mandal has been adhering to the original tradition that Tilak started but is also in sync with today’s needs and demands.
Location:  Budhwar Peth

Guruji Talim Ganpati

This is the third honour of Ganpati established in 1887 much before Tilak initiated the festival. The mandal was set up as a symbol of Hindu Muslim unity. Unlike few associations who collect funds from the residents and sponsors, the expenses of the festival are shared by the members of the mandal.
Guruji Talim Ganpati association is managed by volunteers from diverse religions and castes. Apart from managing the festival, the members actively step forward to offer financial aid to the needy and calamity affected people.
Location:  Ganpati Chowk, Laxmi Road.

Tulsibaug Ganpati

Established in 1901, Tulsibaug Ganpati is the fourth honoured idol of Pune. This is the first mandal to have introduced fibre glass idol. Popular for its 15 feet tall statue, the mandal is also known for its thought provoking themes.
Location:  Tulsibaug Ram Mandir
Kesariwada Ganpati
Founded in 1893 by Lokmanya Tilak, Kesariwada Ganpati is one of the most respected Ganesh mandals in the city. Following on the path of Tilak, the mandal gives special attention to cultural and education oriented programmes. Apart from cultural events, they do organize chat sessions with eminent personalities as well.
Location: Narayanpeth Tilakwada

To cater to their widespread patrons, the respective mandals come up with a unique theme and arrange several cultural, social and educative programmes surrounding it. Don’t give it a miss and witness the beautiful confluence of different cultures and generations joining their hands together to celebrate the festival. It’s definitely worth it!