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Absurd Laws Around the World

If law makers are highly intelligent people, their and our intelligence needs to be questioned.

Laws are rules which govern us or Law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior. The make for a healthy functioning society where the ones who err are punished and stopped from doing all the wrong things. A country of ill-functioning laws is considered a failed state, but some countries have laws that make you question the very reason for their existence. One finds it hard to believe how someone could cook up laws as these and how the society or the general public accepted it. If you thought Vishwaroopam being banned in TN, scarves being banned for women in Pune,Cellphones banned for women by Khap Panchayats in Bihar and UP or the fatwa against a girl band from Kashmir was absurd, some countries take it to an all new level. Here are some of the most absurd and ridicolous bans/laws that one would get to hear of.

Gaming Consoles banned in Chinavideo-game-consoles

In 2000, the Chinese Government expressed its concern on youths wasting time on gaming, thus gaming consoles were banned. However, more bizarre is that Chinese prisoners are forced to play World of Warcraft and other such games so that the Government can collect their loot and sell it to other players. Does this make you want to commit a crime in China? It sure makes me want to…

Valentine’s Day banned in Saudiiran-has-banned-the-printin

It doesn’t happen only in India, Valentine’s Day seems to be bothering many elsewhere too. Saudi finds it to be in violation of Muslim beliefs and all florists and gift shops are forced to remove anything in red or a symbol of romance. However, this isn’t entirely successful as there is a thriving Valentine’s Day black market where red roses and other gifts go at 6 times their ordinary price.

Reincarnation banned in China17913414_fddad

China can surely take the title of making nonsense laws any day. They banned the Jasmine flower fearing Jasmine Revolutions like the one in Tunisia, Avatar in 2D for it sends a wrong message against imperialist forces amongst indigenous populations (the movie was released in 3D though) and then there’s reincarnation. In a hope to take control of Tibetian Buddhists by trying to rule their sacred belief, China bans a person from reincarnating without obtaining state’s permission. WHAT?

Western Haircuts banned in Iran2521164302_0845d2b0c2

To stop western culture from ruining their own, Iran banned all haircuts that were not included in their Government approved styles. Spikes, ponytails and mullets are banned. Iran has other strange laws too though, like banning Buddha statues and Barbie Dolls.

More Strange Laws:

In some areas of Russia, every boy must have the middle name as Stalin, in respect of their leader Josef Stalin.
In Japan, an elder brother can ask his younger brother’s bride’s or girlfriend’s hand in marriage and both the girl and the brother must agree.
In Israel, picking your nose is prohibited on the Sabbath and one is fined if caught doing so.
The Simpsons Movie is banned in Burma not because of its slapstick violence, nudity, ill values of Western Culture or Spider Pig, but because the colours red and yellow cannot be used in a movie.
In Scotland, if someone knocks on your door and requires to use your commode, you must let him enter.
In Atlanta, Georgia, its illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone or dressing a mannequin without closing the blinds.
In a small African country Malawi, farting in public is banned. One is heavily fined and has to do jail term for doing so.

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