Pagadi che bol

Winter has come?

As the weather God toys with us, a Punekar prays for his favorite winter weather.

It’s the end of November, end of December, and just a few days for Makar Sankranti, when the winters aren’t chilly anymore. Last year, winters were more deadly than chilly. Stepping out of the house meant stepping in a freezer. This time however, most are left asking, “Is it really winter?”
The lowest dip was 7.4 degrees on 27th, which is cold but not enough to make one chilly. And on New Year’s, the average temperature was 17.2 degrees. Some summer nights maybe colder than that! Well, January beat it with 18.1 degrees, marking the warmest beginning to the New Years since a decade or more.
Now while most jump to conclusions, calling these effects of Global Warming (clearly not knowing that global warming contributes to extreme temperatures, i.e. summers are hotter and winters are colder) the weather department explains this is due to moisture. The easterly and south easterly waves comes into Maharashtra from the Bay of Bengal have resulted in higher humidity level and higher temperatures. How long it will stay this warm or will winter ever come remains the question.
Though the minimum temperature is around 11-13degrees this year, which is neither cold nor hot, the maximum goes more than 30. Imagine walking out of your house wearing a sweater and later realising your predicament (happened to me twice, I was sweating and no one allowed me to switch on the fan for some reason). If Stark (from Game of Thrones a TV series) were here, he wouldn’t be stating “winter is Coming” he would be asking “winter is coming?”
It seems the God of Weather is going crazy and forgotten to follow the rules of time and nature. And Pune is awaiting is favourite and idyllic winter, the very winters that make it better than Mumbai, that make it the Pensioner’s Paradise, that made it the Summer Capital of the British. But what Punekars or maybe just me, are mostly awaiting, are the opportunity to wear winter wear. Never again will I spend thousands buying amazing sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets, which lie in my cupboard neatly folded and tucked, awaiting its time to be showcased.

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