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Where our conscience lies?

Some question don’t get answered, they give birth to a lot more questions waiting to be answered.

The Delhi rape case has been the talk of the town and has everyone talking and thinking. Everyone and anyone is taking the topic places and gyrating attention while doing the same. Blogs were full of it, newspapers have articles of it, social media and networks were buzzing about it and more so protest marches are held condemning the rape on the victim and pressing for stricter laws to help create a safer atmosphere for women.
According to 2011 National Crime Bureau report, 256,329 cases of violent crimes have been reported and 24,206 are of rape. This, however, could be rapes on women, girls and boys. So the question here is, are only women in India unsafe? What is being done for the safety of children? For those blaming clothing, timing and character of women who are raped, how do you explain children getting raped?
Why is all this being ignored by the mainstream media and the people who are on the streets holding rallies, candle light vigils? Also, why is it that we are angry and praying only for Nirbhaya and all other rape cases are mere statistics? Do we not feel anything for rape victims that are merely listed on 2nd and 3rd pages of newspapers and not got media attention?
In 2011 alone, 228,560 crimes against women were registered. Maximum of these are by the woman’s family members, husband, relatives or other member the woman has known. So are only the streets unsafe for women? What is being done for curbing household violence? Are we going to protest and get angry on this only after it has been made into a media story?
In no way do I solicit the rapists and criminals. I do not condemn the people who are outraged and angry either. But this year, most did not celebrate New Year’s because they said, “How can be celebrate when women are being raped and the victims are dying. Do we have no conscience?” To the same people I ask, “Why did we celebrate it last year? Weren’t 24,206 victims of rape who were ignored by the mainstream media ignored by our CONSCIENCE as well?” Now talks are of not celebrating Republic Day as well. For this however, I ask, “Did you ever celebrate it? Wasn’t it just another day off for you?”
Lastly, I would like to ask why we never ask so many questions. Why do we silence our conscience by voicing our outrage and then going back to our normal routine because it did not yield anything? Why do we not think and if we do think and get outraged why don’t we act? Why do we feel sad only when the media make it headlines? Why did we ignore all those news of rapes that were on page 3 or page 2 or just a few lines in the newspaper? Had we been outraged and angry and on the streets much before, would Nirbhaya be alive and safely living amongst us?
Where does our conscience lie?

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I too share your concern regarding social conscience.The reason may be that the administration seems deaf towards rthe individual concerns .Even mass protests for over last 10days are still awaiting any amendments to the law!
The public patience seems to have ended now.
And media has ignited minds of people and united them to spell out concern on the social issues and demand action.Hopefully this will begin reforms for social protection in true sense.

Vedavrat – You have keyed in this article sensitively.
We observe that INA ALL OTHER LIVING BEINGS OVERPOWERING NEVER HAPPENS EXCEPT IN HUMANS. SUCH ACTS are not acceptable in any animal kingdom.So defaluters have to be harshly punished. But this will not end here.
The answer to your last question is how sensitive each of us will be and also make others.
How many proactive steps each one of us will take for self and also educate others to take.
AND how much will be severity of our reaction if we come across non-compliance.

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