Pagadi che bol

Wait and Watch

A take on Pune’s “I don’t care” laid back attitude.

So, Pune has the highest number of two wheeler population in the world is a well known fact. It has the largest number of vehicle population in India, more than Mumbai. But there is another fact that I can talk about here; Pune has the highest number of drivers who blatantly disregard traffic rule. And with this, accidents are a regular happening. However, more shocking is the Punekars wait and watch temperament.
When an accident occurs, the roads come to a standstill, but not one bulges to get down and help. People stop dead in their tracks and OBSERVE. No wonder the ones like me are late to office; for my incessant honking gets me looks like I have no humanity in me. But, my logic is, if you won’t help, why show the pity? Why is there so much fascination watching the aftermaths of an accident?
This “wait and watch” attitude however, has flowed into our veins and has started reflecting in everything we do.  We talk about destiny and karma, and associate it with sayings like, “Patience is virtue”.  We however, fail to understand the difference between patience and “waiting and watching”. People are fed up of the blatant corruption but do not take a stand or act against it. Instead, we play into the hands of the corrupt and become silent spectators with our wait and watch attitude. We watch India against Corruption roaring against the Government and we see the ruling party downplaying the Lokpal Bill. We however, merely wait and wait, and like most road accidents, the quarrels bring no results. Some are hurt, some are at fault, some get beaten up, some shout and cry, but eventually, they all leave and within hours the road shows no signs of all the drama that happened.
We wish to change a lot of things around us, be it in our homes, in our country, in our lives or in ourselves. But we keep doing the same things that we do everyday yet hope for a change. The country needs a change but it won’t come for those who wish to bring a change but won’t act and neither from those who do act, for they have no idea what change they want, playing into the hands of the cunning bureaucracy once again. Someday I will rise, just you “Wait and Watch”, is what the people make themselves believe.
So Punekars, stop believing in destiny and stop going to fortune tellers who will tell you “good things are going to happen to you. Wait and watch.” Work for the change you want to be and you won’t have to wait for change, you will see the change happening around you. The next time you have a dream, go fulfil it and don’t keep it pending. Be a part of the change and don’t be a silent spectator to it. Destiny is the result of your actions; your actions are not a result of destiny. The next time there is an accident on the road, help the victim or just pass along like you don’t care (stopping to watch shows you care but are incapable of getting down to help). So, DO NOT WAIT AND WATCH.

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