Things we hope happen in 2013

The Punekar welcomes 2013 with some hopes and wishes for the coming year.

So a New Year has commenced, and while many use the occasion to make life changing resolutions and do nothing about it most of the times, we all expect a radical change each year. Even though the transition from 31st December to 1st January is the normal passing of a day, the sentiments and the ritual celebrations associated with it makes it a big deal. And so we too jump on the bandwagon and list down changes we expect to happen this year.

  •  Staying alive and Living Life

2012 was type casted as the year of our end, with Mayan Calendar coming to an end (only to restart and start afresh like the calendars hanging on our walls become absolute after the 31st) and Prophecies suggesting an Apocalypse or Doomsday on 21st December. The reality was that more people were fooled on 21st December than the 1st of April. So we lived the Doomsday and hope to truly live life; and living has more to do with fulfilling dreams than breathing.

  • Death to the Sex Offenders

The Delhi Rape case got media channels shouting but it struck a deep cord with everyone. Indians are known for their high tolerance, but in such cases our tolerance is a curse. While our Government and the Constitution are hugely failing at giving justice to the victims, our police is unable to keep its hold on the country, our ministry is idiotic and give birth to “dented and painted” remarks and our moral police and society are too busy justifying rape by saying going out late night, wearing western clothes or skirts makes it the girls fault as well. We hope not only to see a bill that takes strict and strong actions against sex offenders but also a change in the mindset of the society.

  • Anti Corruption Bill

The Anna Hazare Movement got tremendous response, but it lacked the same in the Parliament where it’s desperately needed. The nation still awaits a Jan Lokpal Bill and Indians still haven’t got rid of the rampant corruption. The Aam Admi Party was created and Anna Hazare hopes to launch an agitation again in the beginning of this year. Here’s hoping India takes a step towards putting an end to corruption this year.

  • More Kejri Leaks

The world has Wikileaks and it gets many politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen into the eye of the storm and serves as an eye opener for the general public. India has its very own Julian Assange in Aam Admi Party head Arwind Kejriwal. Last year he dropped bombs on many eminent people, from Robert Vadra, Sonia Gandhi, Mukesh Ambani, Nitin Gadkari and many others. We hope to he makes many more expose this year.

  • Reincarnation of Cricket

The Gods of Cricket have left and the huge void has resulted in heavy losses and loss of viewership. A time has come when one enjoys watching old matches over the Live ones, coz the old ones have greats like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, Anil Kumble, VVS Laxman and other greats on the pitch. IPL may have revolutionised Cricket viewership, but has deprived it of its soul. The incessant matches have left the players tired and hopeless and it has made others lazy and selfish for they prefer IPL for the huge payments. We hope cricket comes alive this year and God doesn’t announce his retirement from Tests this year.

  • Better Sportsmanship

The Indian Olympic Association seems to be in competition with Commenwealth Games on bringing shame to the country. India won the highest number of medals ever and sent the most number of athletes in the same year this happened. And so now, the “other” sports and athletes have not only to compete with cricket in terms of following and respectability but also deal with the shameful realities of the IOA. We hope to see a better IOA and we hope Indians stand by sports and athletes with as much fervour as we do with cricket.

  • Cleanliness

The death toll due to dengue reached 1000 in Pune last year and it is said that all this could have been avoided by a little more cleanliness in the surroundings. We hope Punekars start helping with the cleaning process, ensure that there is no litter or trash accumulated anywhere, and ensure there is no still water as it is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Stay clean for a better tomorrow.

  • Better Pune

There are many things that can be added to our wishlist, but the priority goes to the city that we love, Pune. We hope Pune gets better public transport, better amenities, better sanitation for everyone and women in particular, better roads and we can go on and on till next year.