Pagadi che bol

The Withering Trees

A small initiative by the Punekar to save our precious trees.

How many of you have a yellow pages or a telephone directory in your house? Almost all, and what’s more there is a new one each year. A Telephone Directory or a Yellow Pages has approximately 1000 or more pages on an average and we know for sure that if one is to calculate it properly our number is far lesser than the actual one. So the question that arises is; how many of us use it and is it really required?
Already, thousands of trees are killed each year (I know the sentence is grammatically incorrect, for the right verb would be hacked, cut, etc. but trees are living beings too and one of the most selfless ones) due to rampant industrialization and unplanned development and growth of cities and villages. But a larger number of trees die for being used to make paper. And yes, paper is important, but is a directory of 1000 pages really worth the life of a tree? Though no virgin paper (paper that is not directly produced but previous used or recycled paper) is used, it requires immense amounts of water and uses immense amount of energy and fuel. Is this wastage of paper worth?
In the US and other countries, there is an option to opt out for yellow pages and only those who ask for it get the printed copy delivered. No such thing in India sadly. So we need to start something for the same. For those who agree with me, please join us in asking the government to ban printing of telephone directories and yellow pages completely. Sign the Petition at:
If you are one of those who think they require a yellow page, here are a few options that you can use and are extremely accurate (sometimes more than a telephone directory). I’m sure you wont find the need for the huge directory either and will definitely opt to sign the petition with us.

Yellow Pages India

The website is managed by Infomedia Yellow Pages, with more than 25 years of experience in connecting buyers and sellers; it has everything you would want in a Yellow Page Directory. What’s more the search bar helps you find accurate results easily, without having to search exhaustively. Also it is easy for a business to advertise and get listed. It can be accessed from any gadget with an internet or wifi connection.


The most extensively used and published Yellow Pages directory; the Walking Fingers Yellow Pages is available for the internet as well. It has better search option than the website to give accurate and spot on results.

Sulekha Yellow Pages

Sulekha is a website for many needs and with a lot of information and options, but it also has an amazing yellow pages directory. Just enter city and search or post in your requirement to get desired results. Its spot on and has the best listings.


Though the Bhojpuri name might scare you, the website is clean and easy to use, no paan stains here. Search and get quick results.


So I was to meet a friend and his mobile battery got drained. While I was waiting for him at a place, he called me up from a public telephone at a chemist shop. I had installed True Caller just to test it out and I got the name of the Chemist Shop even though it wasn’t in my contact list. The conversation that followed was,
Him: Hey, its me XYZ. My phone’s switched off so calling from here. Where
(I cut in)
Me: What are you doing at ABC Chemist Shop? You went far ahead!!
Him: @#^%$^#& . How the hell did you know I was here?
Yes, it is that accurate and interestingly has a search option as well. Problem though is that it’s only for Android, iOS and smart phone users.


Well, Amitabh Bachchan cant be wrong. It helps you out with almost anything and is the number one search engine for all your needs, even for finding numbers.
Link: or Call 088 888 88 888

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