Pagadi che bol

The Stereotype

The Punekar underlines the good, the bad and the stereotypes of people to art and more.

Music, sports, arts and other fun activities are always classified under “extra curricular” while the boring stuff are what is considered important. Since music and other arts are losing out due to the mentality that it is not a real job, it gives you no money and respectability and most importantly because having fun and being passionate about something you do is something that goes against the nomenclature of a real workplace.
But even though art is garnering enough interest and activity now and making its way into the respectable category, its another presumptive mindset of ours that’s becoming a roadblock to many budding artistes. Most aren’t taken seriously or recognised unless they are on a good platform. Take away their unique stage with the lights focused on them and an audience who try to use understanding of an art as a definition of sophistication and good tastes, and musicians are treated as roadside beggars who have no talent at all.
Here is an interesting Video depicting our mindset that believes only things showcased on a big stage are grand while those at local halls, functions, or in the backdrop of a lavish party aren’t. One of the greatest violinists of modern times stood at a local Metro Station in Washington DC. Joshua Bell whose performance was sold out a few days before the experiment played his music anonymously and the experiment tried to find how many would actually stop to appreciate the masterpieces that got standing ovations. The results proved that most people have no taste for music that is not showcased or made famous. They don’t even try to listen to it, they simply move on and dismiss it at pure rubbish. See it for yourself and think; “What is the definition of good music” and go on to think “How is true art or talent recognised? Does taking away a stage strip the artist of all his fame and worth?” and “How are talent hunts which focus more on TRPs and Popularity helping our artistes? Are they not degrading the art in itself? Are artistes in India under-appreciated?” The answers to these questions will only underline the existing reality of our deep rooted stereotypical mindset.
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