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The Art of Sweet Talk

Here’s wishing you all a Happy Makar Sankrant from the Punekar.

Tilgul Ghya Gode Gode Bola (Have a tilgul and talk sweetly)
So, today is Makar Sankrant, when everyone is told to talk sweetly. It’s amazing how people who act righteously on one particular day commemorating the festival blatantly do the very opposite of it throughout the year. So it makes me question the very reason why the festival even began.
So, mythologically, it all began in the Satya yug. It was the age of truth, for whatever one said would come true. Curses were unimaginable and most feared, thus most would take to meditation to channel their thoughts only towards good. But evil took birth in the same era and made it all volatile. To stop evil from spreading into the minds of the people, God took a journey around the universe and distributed Prasad telling everyone to always talk sweetly.
But evil still prevailed God brought an end to Satya Yug and Dwapara Yug began. Here, one had to honestly work towards achieving their goals and words lost their hold on the universe. They now were only a medium of expression. So today, we speak our mind and don’t think twice about what we say. As great sages would say, “Words are like arrows, once unleashed they cannot be taken back”. Dwapara Yug created lots of volatile situations due to this “speaking out” culture and one of the biggest wars, the Mahabharata, took place. God came down once again and this time he told “A lie that binds people together is greater than a thousand truths” professing that truth doesn’t always have to be hurtful and one must talk sweetly.
The Dwapara Yug ended and KaliYug commenced. Evil was unleashed in its full fury and all hope slowly began to be lost. Today, people talk sweetly in your face and curse and abuse the minute you turn your back to them. The age of the warrior ended and the age of politics and cunning began. Seeing that God did not turn up to give his advices anymore, the Rishis began distributing sweets but the used the same words used by God in the Satya Yug, that hold not much importance today.
So a new revelation has to come. This Sankrant, don’t just talk sweetly, for there are many sweet talkers. This Sankranti, let the Tilgul digest in your being and be sweet from the inside not just the outside. This Sankranti, say “Tilgul ghya ani gode gode vaga”(Have a tilgul and behave sweetly). Because a person who behaves sweetly doesn’t go around talking bad behind your back, a sweet person is the same as he is in your presence.
PS The article may or may not be found in mythology books. It’s one that I made up, for I believe mythology to be a combination of fiction and logic, thus the term Mytho+Logically.

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