Street Food for the Global Local at Pune Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre

Pune Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre comes alive with the Street Flavors of India at Spice Kitchen. Truly ‘food ready to eat’, from Bombay Toastie from Mumbai, Bangda Mandeli Fry from the Konkan, Kutchi Daabeli from Kutch, Rossa Omelet from Goa, Tattha Dosa from the South and so much more, Spice Kitchen will transport you to the famous street food favourites from all over India. Beverages like Nimbu Soda, Lassi, Chass and a mouth-watering array of deserts complement the delectable dishes perfectly.
Chef Mayur suggests, “The simple, yet, exotic flavours also make street food cuisine an increasingly popular dish with a rich cultural value to our local communities and inquisitive travelers.
This January, Spice Kitchen explores the wonderful variety of Street staples on offer, bringing the recipes, the vendors and the experience to life.”
Where: Spice Kitchen, Pune Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre
When: 18th January to 31st January 2013
What Time: Dinner- 7:00 pm to 12 pm
Call on: 020 6683 3335/3336