Pune based tech entrepreneur runs 55 Kilometers to celebrate 55th birthday

Rakesh Mehta, a Pune based entrepreneur, Managing Director of Bit Mapper Integration Technologies is a man to be looked upto. People of his stature celebrate birthdays hosting lavish parties but that his not his style. Rakesh decided to celebrate his 55th birthday in a very different way by running 55Km on a Sunday morning when people prefer to stay in bed. He started at 2:40 am and completed his 55 km run at 11:00 am. Rakesh was accompanied by his running guru and founder of Pune Running, Nikhil Shah and his friends and colleagues including Pushkaraj Kore, Bipin Kabra, and Rajesh Mundada who also completed 55k along with him. Completing the 2nd half of his run alongside the regular Pune Running group, he describes this as the best moment of his life. He completed the last 12kms of his run with his better half Pournima Mehta and his employees from BitMapper. His first words after completing the run were “ITS WORTH IT”.
Rakesh has always been known as a technocrat rather than an entrepreneur. His daughter Nupur describes him as a passionate person. His passion for cleanliness, vermicomposting, planting, driving and now the latest one running drives him for achieving more. This perfectionist never does anything half-heartedly.
Rakesh describes running as a forced passion which was a by-product of his medical reports which indicated high cholesterol levels. He describes the tough times he had initially when he took 60 minutes to complete just 6kms stretch of NDA Rd in 2010. But he was not a person who would stop trying. Slowly and gradually he has reached so far that not many at his age have. Now Rakesh and all the employees of his company look forward to the various Marathons across the company to participate in. A smiling Rakesh says “Running is not about winning or even completing the race. If you reach the start line, you are a winner because you have won over all those who are still in their beds”.
Rakesh runs every Sunday along with Pune Running, which is a group of running enthusiast who arrange monthly marathons in Pune. It started with 3 people and now has more than 2000 runners which include children from age 5 to people aged 70+. It is a non- profit group of friends that strive to promote healthy life style with physical activity like running. Runners meet every Sunday in University of Pune as well as Magarpatta City at 6:30 AM. Inspired by Pune Running, Rakesh has also motivated his entire staff to take up running. His colleagues who refrained themselves from doing any kind of physical activity, now regularly run 10K, 21K.
Rakesh has long ago conquered the health issues related to high cholesterol and recent event made him think that man’s strength is for protecting women and not harming them, referring to the rising crimes against women.
We salute his spirit and his amazing enthusiasm for life.
To know more about the group, check out their Facebook page.