MIT Tesla 2013

The famous inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla once said, “The practical success of an idea, irrespective of its inherent merit, is dependent on the attitude of the contemporaries.” His novel ideas went on to impact the world in a way that he would have seldom expected. Today, the very unit of measurement of magnetic induction is named after him, the coils that produce magnetic fields are known as Tesla coils, and today’s foremost supercomputer technology by NVidia is also named the TESLA supercomputer. To celebrate the attraction of technocrats to induce a myriad of electrifying ideas and innovations, MIT Group of Institutions presents, MIT Tesla, a National Level Technical Fest, currently in its fourth year.
The legacy of MIT Tesla was instituted in 2010, which four years hence, has risen above expectations and has made its mark among the technical fests in Maharashtra. The technical event consists of competitions pertaining to engineering and management, along with an exclusive flavor that makes it one of the most attended technical events in Pune.
In 2011, the event hosted first ever tech expo in Pune, showcasing AUDI technology in an unprecedented manner. The actual vehicle was placed in campus while professionals from AUDI – Pune had given a seminar on the exclusive technology that went into the making of the piece of envy. It is also worth mentioning the encouragement this event provides to student researchers and project enthusiasts by maintaining formidable prize money lists for Paper presentations and BE project competitions.
Tesla 2012, with its theme, “Transcending Innovations”, was organized in a way that stood as a testament to its theme. Inclusion of scan able QR codes to reduce paper wastage, a self-detecting mobile version of the website which was implemented for the first time for a technical event, a lecture series by industry experts and the very logo of the event transcended the innovations that the campus and the city had ever witnessed.
This year, MIT Tesla 2013 brings forward a new theme, “Tech Odyssey”, as a tribute to the eventful eternal journey of technology. Man’s urge to explore the universe invokes a thought process, which leads to fascinating ideas. From workshops conducted by our students and eminent companies, to a three-day lecture series called ‘Tesla Talks of Inspiring Ingenuity’, MIT Tesla aims to remind people of the technological journey that has led us to the present, and inspire ingenuity to lead us into the future.

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