13 Restaurants in Pune Allowed to Sell Tobacco-Free Hookah!

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Rejoice, Hookah lovers in Pune, your time is back! In recent news, Bombay High Court has allowed 40 restaurants to serve tobacco-free Hookah; 25 restaurants in Bombay and 13 in Pune have been given the green light to sell herbal, tobacco-free hookah to their patrons.


Police and other authorities have been instructed to not take any action unless these restaurants are found to be selling tobacco hookah.

Restaurant owners from Pune that put forth this petition to continue serving tobacco-free Hookah included those of Saiko (Mundhwa), The Village Rooftop (Kondhwa), and Carnival (Koregaon Park), alongside many others from Mumbai.


As per the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA – Amendment 2018), the Court has stated that unless there’s evidence of tobacco in hookah, restaurants shouldn’t be prohibited from selling it.Pune

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