12-Year-Old Pune Boy has Designed a Ship that can Clean Up Oceans!

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In recent news, a young Punekar has brought fame and recognition to our city once again. Haaziq Kazi, a 12-year-old Pune boy has discovered a sustainable solution to solving the major ocean waste problem, and if implemented correctly, we are looking at a definite solution to saving and protecting our mother Earth.


Reliable resources have claimed that there are almost 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans. From the North Pole to 12 km into the deepest part of the ocean, 92% of the salt brands contain plastic contaminants in them. The problem is alarming and severe, and now a major global crisis.

A student of Pune’s Indus International school, Haaziq Kazi appears to be a regular student who does everything boys of his age do. However, his genius brain differentiates him from everyone else.


Haaziq at his TedX talk

Elaborating on his invention, Haaziq says that it all started as a project in school where the students were asked to do a talk on things they cared about. At that time, Haaziq happened to see documentaries on the adverse effects of plastic and other pollutants in our oceans.

The discovery came about when Haaziq noticed how water flows into the sinkholes while washing hands. When he observed the swirl of the water flowing into the sinkhole, he realized he could implement the same concept to suck in waste from our oceans. That’s how ERVIS the ship was invented.

ERVIS is a futuristic ship with saucers attached that can clean water matter floating on the ocean surface. It can also analyse the waste collected and stop waste at the source, preventing it from getting disposed into the oceans.

ERVIS Design

Haaziq later worked with scientists and 3D designers to create a concrete and working model of ERVIS. Powered by hydrogen and renewable natural gas, ERVIS is conceptualised as a giant vacuum cleaner with several cleaning tubes attached to dust bags. Once the waste is collected, the ship analyses and separates it and pumps the filtered water back into the ocean without damaging it.

Apart from this, ERVIS also has different chambers to collect different kinds of waste. There’s also an oil chamber to collect waste oil; after analysing the oil, it’s sent to the shores for recycling. This amazing process and invention will save several ocean lives as well as birds, it will also help to spread awareness and minimise plastic disposal in oceans.

Haaziq Kazi will speak at TEDxGateway on 2nd December in Mumbai as a young innovator. As a fellow Punekar, I can’t help but feel extremely proud of this young, genius mind about to change planet Earth for good.

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