12 Facts About Lord Ganesha’s Being You Probably Weren’t Aware Of

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One of the most revered and popular Gods in Hindu Mythology is Lord Ganesha. To a foreigner, he might seem unusual, but believe it or not, our beloved Bappa has a lot of hidden secrets behind his body. He is etched into the psyche of each and every devoted Punekar. Our love for him is so strong that he invokes the highest sentiments in our minds. Here are some facts about Bappa’s being you probably weren’t familiar with…


  1. His large head is an invitation to all to always think big and focus on the bigger picture.
  2. The large ears remind us to always listen more; I think everyone could use a good listener.
  3. Small eyes signify the importance of concentration and attention to detail, which leads to success in all parts of life.
  4. Only one full tusk and one broken, which tells you to hold on to all the good that is around you while letting go of the bad.
  5. The trunk points to the importance of being efficient and adaptable, in order to succeed in one’s ventures. To be flexible is the key to a satisfactory life.
  6. The large stomach is for peacefully digesting all the good, the bad and the ugly that the world throws at you.
  7. In his upper right hand, he usually holds an axe, which tells us to cut all bonds and attachments, especially with the material world.
  8. The lower right hand is in a blessing giving pose; he blesses all his devotees with health, wealth and divine guidance.
  9. The upper left hand has a rope in it, to pull all his believers close to him and closer to their spiritual goals.
  10. The modaks held in his lower left hand are sweet, tasty rewards he offers his followers for their sadhana (devotion).
  11. The baskets and bowls of fruits and other offerings at his feet symbolise all the treats the world has to offer that is all at your feet and all you need to do is reach out to them.
  12. The mouse is his tiny pet and vehicle, always bowing down close to him. It teaches us that desire, unless under control, will cause havoc; you ride it but don’t let it take you for a ride.

It is safe to say that while Lord Ganesha is an uncommon looking god, he is the most approachable. He may not be fit looking and he may not have the best pet/vehicle but he teaches us to look beyond what the eyes can see and his message transcends time itself. Ganpati Bappa Morya!


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